kneeling cuffed submissive waiting for her Dominant

A Lil Kitten And Her Owner

By sub serenity

kneeling cuffed submissive waiting for her Dominanti awake under my Owner’s bed, in my comfy kitten crate, curled up on my princess bed with my collar and bell tingling softly in the morning. Laying quietly until He calls me up to greet Him in bed, He opens the door allowing me freedom to hop up. Before He gets ready for the day, He always takes time to stroke my back after i slide up against Him, nuzzling my cheeks and head gently against His warm hard body. Telling me what a good girl i am, giving me permission to let my tiny paws roam freely, exploring His body.

His hands wander wherever they please and wherever they are pleases me so i begin purring softly, a sound my Owner tells me He loves hearing when He wakes. Whatever pleases my Owner pleases me and i love feeling His cock get hard causing me to purr louder.

Taking my chin in His hand, giving me permission to look deep in His eyes and telling me not to look away, He asks me softly, “Who’s my good kitten?” my face instantly breaking out into a huge smile, cheeks burning red. He knew what He was doing. Asking softly again, squeezing my chin gently and bringing our faces closer together, He whispers, “Tell me…who’s my good kitten?”

Without lowering my gaze because i wanted Him to see the truth from my words, i barely managed to whisper, “i am Sir,” immediately wanting to hide my face, i bite my bottom lip in anticipation.

“Again kitten,” moving His lips closer…. “tell me again,” His lips now brushing mine.

my heart pounding in my chest, drown out His words and i somehow find a way to say “i am,” before His mouth devours mine. Claiming it, taking it passionately without effort or thought. Grabbing a handful of hair and ripping my lips from His, He shoves my eager mouth over His thick swollen manhood and i happily swallow as much as He would allow.

Such a gracious Owner, knowing how much i adore having His cock in my mouth, satisfying my deep rooted oral fetish. Easing back after making me gag several times on his hard throbbing shaft. He pulls my head off long enough to wipe the tears from my cheeks before shoving my head back down to the base of His hard cock.

Licking and letting my tongue roam, suckling while my eyes rolled back in pleasure, He gives me permission to touch Him anywhere i pleased while sucking Him as long as His cock never leaves my warm mouth. Slowly and deliberately, my tiny hands lightly scratched His hard thighs, down his toned stomach and as always, lingered in the soft hairs on His chest, before letting my sharp claws firmly scratch down His ribs then hips the thighs, squeezing hard, making Him moan and expand in my mouth.

Using one hand to gently slide along His length in rhythm with my willing mouth while the other lightly tickled His inner thighs, making His tremble and growl deeply. Suddenly His hands were on either side of my head, pulling my mouth off with a gasp. Feeling His cock contracting and engorging, as it shoots a beautiful stream of My Owner’s most precious cum all over my cheeks and chest. Allowing me the deep satisfaction of seeing exactly what i do to Him, as I feel the warmth of Him cum on My skin, reassuring me He is mine as much as i am His.

Bowing my head humbly, He laughs about marking His territory and instructs me to clean up. i asked permission to use the rest room as I was taught, and He laughs. “Yes, in a moment my beautiful kitten, but use your paws to clean up now, this morning you get to taste your Owner’s cream, and we all know kitten’s adore their Master’s cream right”

He winks down at me causing a rush of dizziness and i happily use the backs of my paws to wipe my cheeks, then lick them clean. Never once losing the smile on my face He inspires. He grants me permission to go clean up and playfully smacks my naked ass as i pounce away, bell tingling down the hall.

If He wishes me to cook him breakfast, i do. Always what He wants, always cleaning up afterwards. He retreats to His office telling me my Services are required today, for everything on my chore list is done and i have earned a special reward. He tells me to pick out my favorite ears and tail, heels and bra, and to meet Him in His study. My heart races with anticipation and I do as i’m told.

He is already on His computer but calls me over… “Here kitten kitten…” making short clicking sounds, snapping His fingers gently. Standing in His office door, i get on my hands and knees and crawl over to His feet. Kissing each foot and nuzzling my head and cheeks against His calves. i kneel in front of Him between His knees, keeping my head bowed as He pets my hair softly. i hear the metal jingling of my leash and my heart begins pounding, palms sweating with excitement, mouth suddenly dry. He attaches the chain link leash to my Collar and lifts my face in His hands…i am again allowed the amazing privilege to look at Him. It’s very hard to look my Owner in the eyes knowing how much He loves me. Seeing Him is like seeing the Sun come out from behind the clouds. He kisses my forehead and attaches my leash to His desk. Today i earn the privilege of being His footrest kitten fuck toy while He works. Curling up under His desk, under His feet, smiling whisker tip to whisker tip, i purr softly and close my eyes.

Halfway through the day, He tugs on my leash and calls me out, letting me stretch and lap up some yogurt and fruit He rewards me with for being so quiet while He worked. Neatly i lap up my treat next to His desk as i feel my Owner’s hands softly stroking my spine and curve of my ass. When He sees that i am finished, He instructs me to turn around and kneel before Him. Getting butterflies in my stomach, i turn to see His hard cock waiting for my warm mouth again. Opening like His good girl and waiting for Him to place His cock inside, He tilts my chin up and instructs me to again, look at Him while He slides His cock in my mouth…and i do exactly as i am told.

Knowing my oral fetish, my Owner takes His time and fucks my mouth slowly at first, taking the time to slap my cheeks and tell me things He knows make me throb deep inside…. how much He loves His dirty little kitten… how He doesn’t want any other kitten to swallow His cum besides me…how He loves feeling my mouth and tongue slide all over his cock…asking me if i like it, if i want more… “Where else do you want your Owner’s cock my little fuck toy?”

Seeing the obvious delight in my eyes, i am instructed to bend over His desk but before i can, He throws me over the edge and slides in deeply under my tail plug, being careful not to push it in further. i almost explode from this new sensation of being fucked with my tail in, but holding my head down tight against the desk, my Owner fucks me slowly, teasing me, constantly making me say dirty things He knows embarrasses me and turns me on… leaning over while deep inside me, making His thick cock jump, he whispers in my ear, “Is that what my naughty kitten wanted? Daddy’s cock deep inside her tight little pussy?”

my knees quiver violently as everything inside of me melts. “Answer me before I stop fucking you,” sliding even deeper inside making me purrrr loudly meowing the words,” Yes Daddy,” as i lose my breath.

The head of his cock resting firmly against my cervix and he quickly thrusts deeper commanding louder, “Tell me kitten, yes Daddy what?”

My eyes roll back in pleasure as i moan loudly, “Yes Sir…i do, i do want Your hard cock deep inside of me…please make me Yours…” spanking my ass firmly, He pushes deeper inside. He begins spanking me, lightly at first….then He gently places with my tail causing plug the attached plug to move back and forth. All the sensation forcing me to meow and purrrr loudly as my hips give into the sensations. He massages my ass cheeks and spreads them far apart, slowly pulling His cock out. With just the head resting inside my wet and swollen pussy, He asks again, “Who’s my good kitten?”

my head is a mess, i can barely think, let alone speak. He slowly moves a half inch in and out, over and over and over. My Owner knows tease and denial is my true weakness. my mind and body can’t contain themselves i must have more, i have to have all of my Owner deep inside.

“Who’s Daddy’s good little slut kitten?” my hips are beginning to buck and my mouth is watering for more. I whisper, “i am Sir, i’m Your good little slut kitten,” and once those words left my mouth He took me how i had been desperate to feel. A primal reaction was instantly ignited and He fucked me deep and hard against His desk. my body completely overwhelmed by the sensation of both His thick cock filling up my tight swollen pussy and my tail plug filling up my tiny asshole. Bucking back against Him, one of His hands grabs a handful of thick hair and He laughs as He asked, “Do you like it kitten? Do you like the way I fuck you? Ravage you? Make you mine?”

Obviously i do as my juices begin to involuntarily slide down my legs and my body begins melting from the inside out. Over and over His cock bruised me deeply and finally i could take no more….as He fucks me, i begin to beg to cum… “Oh yes Sir, please fuck me, fuck me like a real man and make me Yours…i love the way You feel deep inside Daddy, so very thick, stretching me out, do You like my tight juicy pussy Sir?” …i smile into the desk wickedly thinking, “i know Your trigger words too Daddy…”

Feeling His cock swell inside of me, He pulls out quickly and flips me over so i can watch his cock erupt all over my stomach, smiling down at me as He tells me that i can’t cum because He isn’t done fucking me…causing me to scream playfully in frustration. Unable to stop smiling.

Blushing brightly i almost orgasm watching Him stroke Himself and as more and more of His wonderful hot cum continues to be sprayed over my belly and chest. Slapping me lightly in the face, He tells me to go clean up and come back with just my ears and heels on. Dizzy and throbbing i shower and return, kneeling beside Him as He places my Collar around my neck.  He instructs me to resume my position bent over the desk.

i feel the soft falls of a suede flogger as it lightly brushes my skin.  Each fall igniting the skin as it dances a long my flesh. Within the blink of an eye the sensation disappears only to be replaced by the sudden impact of all falls landing on my ass in unison.  Each perfectly placed impact, causes me to meow in pleasure. my ass becoming hotter and hotter with each strike, as i feel it turning from a pale flesh color to a beautiful bright shade of red.

my Owner gives my ass a break, allowing His fingers to caress my overly sensitive skin.  Each touch is like a firework going off in my body.  i try to catch my breath, but my body is screaming as it is desperately in need  of release.  my pussy and asshole have been on edge for so long they feel as if they will explode.  Just at my breaking point is when i feel my Owner’s mouth and fingers gently taunting and seducing both my holes. Hope shoots through my body as it tries not to cum without my Owner’s permission.

A smooth cold steel plug dips quickly into my pussy, causing my lips and clit to swell instantly. The shiny stainless steel of my jeweled plug slides slowly and deliberately all over my pussy lips, dipping in quickly now and then to spread my cum over my ass as well. He inserts the plug in my tight pussy first as His mouth claims my tight dark back hole, making me buck back and spread my legs far apart. His big warm hands spread my cheeks further and i feel the tip of His tongue tracing all types of deliciously naughty patterns over my ass, making my toes curl with pleasure.

Then a warm finger replaces His tongue and i moan softly still new to this kind of play my ass instantly contracts around his finger. He raises my hips and gently sucks on my pussy lips, biting gently while fingering my ass causing my knees to buckle and give way. He slowly removes my plug from my pussy and tells me to hold my ass cheeks apart for Him. Gently and painstakingly slowly, he begins inserting the plug into my ass. Using his other hand to play with my clit, I feel two hot fingers slide deep inside as He continues to torment me with my plug. Time is of no essence and has ceased to exist, all i know is my Owner’s touch and voice. Telling me over and over what a good girl i am, i literally begin melting around His fingers, clenching tightly deep within.

Slowly sliding my plug in my throbbing ass, He throws one leg up on the desk to help support my weight and spreads my legs wide for Him. Spanking my ass to warm my skin knowing how insane it drives me, i plead with My Owner for release. He plays me like an finely tuned instrument. i am His completely. Squeezing my thighs hard, pulling my waist back against Him, He gently places the tip of His cock on the lips of my pussy and tells me to fuck Him. He won’t move, i am to fuck myself and earn my orgasm.

i begin rocking my hips best i can but no matter what, i can’t fuck myself the way He fucks me. i begin whimpering and moaning in desperation. Begging and almost in tears, He grabs my ribcage and fucks me like it’s the last chance he will ever have.  He raps his hand around my throat and begins choking me from behind and with the other he pulls my hair, ordering me to scream as loud as i want, commanding me to surrender. i can’t think, my body remains just on the edge of cumming and it is taking all my will power to resist, but each thrust causing me to weaken.  my body is shaking uncontrollably and bright flashes of light are firing off inside my head.  i am screaming without realizing it. my legs have completely given out and my muscles refuse to respond.  i am losing the battle and moments away from cumming, when my Owner commands me to cum for Him. Everything in my body lets go all at once, as the most earth shattering orgasm that i have worked so hard for, that my Owner has graciously allowed me to have consumes me. Screaming in delight, writhing in pleasure, as my pussy contracts around His cock, covering it in a milky layer of cream.

He waits until my trembling body goes limp on the desk. He holds me as we sink back into His office chair, still deep inside me…reveling in my sweat, tears and throbbing pussy knowing i am His.

“So tell me one more time,” as He held my chin in His hands, staring deep in my soul, “who’s mine?” Smiling proudly, placing my hand over His heart, i humbly answer “i am Sir. i am Yours.”

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