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Here Are Just A Few Comments From Submissives That Have Experienced Master Bishop’s Online Female Submissive Training


You Have Shown That You Know What This Trainee Needs Even Better Than She Does


This trainee is very grateful for all the time and effort You have put into her training. Before training, this trainee may have only thought about submission occasionally throughout her life, but now this trainee has come to learn how deeply she needs to be treated as the submissive that she is every day, all day. By helping this trainee to fully acknowledge her desires, this trainee can now experience the freedom which comes with expressing one of the most important parts of herself which has been begging for release for a very long time. For this, this trainee is eternally grateful.

This trainee really appreciates the required daily rituals which You have imposed since they help this trainee to keep her focus on You and her duty to be sexually eager to please You at all times. This trainee loves being reminded of You from the moment she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep each night. Even something as simple as eating brings happy thoughts of You to mind because of Your dietary rules. This trainee remains hot and wet all day with the anticipation of the possibility of being used at anytime for Your pleasure.

This trainee is very thankful that You require her to feel horny all day since this has brought out this trainee’s true nature. Being so wet and ready to serve You feels so good and natural for this trainee. Hiding underneath this trainee’s conservative exterior has been a very horny slut waiting to be released. Now that it has been released, this trainee is extremely thankful that You are available to direct and control that energy so that it does not become either misdirected or wasted. Although this trainee did have a hard time (and still struggles sometimes) with not being allowed to orgasm without permission, this trainee now appreciates that rule since she knows how much better her orgasms are when they come out of Your control. You have strengthened this trainee’s orgasms so much over the past few weeks that it almost feels as if this trainee never really had one before. Also, not being able to have orgasms whenever this trainee wants to increases this trainee’s awareness that Your sub body is for Your pleasure and giving pleasure to You is what arouses this trainee the most.

You have had a wonderful impact throughout all of my day-to-day activities. This trainee feels more happy and at ease throughout the day knowing that she has found the true purpose of her previously neglected inner feelings. This trainee has also noticed that she gets even more attention from men than she previously did wherever she goes. Whether that is because of the total happiness she projects or the sexuality which constantly oozes from Your sub body (or both), this trainee does not know. But, it is always a nice self-esteem boost even though this trainee knows that none of those men could ever give her anything close to all You have given even if it has just been through a computer. You understand so well what this trainee needs. In fact, You have shown that You know what this trainee needs even better than she does.

This trainee also truly appreciates Your willingness to listen to and give feedback on this trainee’s comments. It feels good to know that this trainee’s thoughts can be considered by You while at the same time You do not fall back on giving this trainee the discipline and control which she needs. This trainee appreciates knowing that You are available to correct her in case she strays from what You have decided is best for her. This trainee is very grateful for all You have done for her and hopes to repay all You have given her through pleasing You to the very best of her ability, whenever or however You decide.

Sincerely and Completely Yours,

trainee j


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I Am The Most Happy I Have Ever Been In My Life

i am the most happy i have ever been in my life.  i owe it to You and my friends that i have found that are like me.  i still can’t believe it!  i really thought everyone in this world was vanilla, and i was alone, and couldn’t tell anyone anything about what i get turned on thinking about.  Now i have actually done it, and thanks to my Master i found out that i really do like it, and i don’t have to hold back about telling him anything.  He thinks i am a great slave and You are enriching his life too, because i am always telling him about what i’ve been doing and learning from my BDSM e-course.  He says i… keep it interesting,lol  You do Trainer.  You influence people through training me.  i am a happier person, and it makes other people around me happy too.  You must be having a really wonderful life for helping people the way you do.  You are a very special person, and i am grateful to be Your trainee.  i am trusting You more and more.

Becoming a better slave is why i think so highly about you Trainer, and the BDSM Training Academy.   You have helped me so much.  It is very difficult to read and translate it into reality without a teacher.  You have helped me to accept my mindset of a slave/trainee.  You have taught me so much in the last 6 weeks of training, and even before that when i bought the Slave Training Manual on-line.   i was so confused about  all of the changing and not really knowing what to do or how to act for my Master.  i am just so grateful for You, for not rejecting me, for accepting me that i am very new, and i don’t always know what to do or how to act.  If it weren’t for You and the very kind people i’ve met in the lifestyle, i just don’t think i would find true happiness in my life.  All of my friends and family and my Master have been commenting on my new affect.  i am happy, i smile and have fun, more self confident.  Men go out of their way to say good morning to me, to get the door for me, it is really a different world i live in now.  i got a real deal on the training i am receiving, the help i get is priceless, and i think what i receive is the best bargain i’ve ever received.  i’ve got a whole new outlook on life, and i know i will not stagnate and stop living.  i am going to keep progressing toward the best i can be from here on out and that is a very good feeling.  i hope the same for anyone else that is starting to explore this lifestyle too.

trainee n


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