The Power Of A Master’s Voice

Inspiration to motivate a submissive to want to submitThough many slave training sites will have you believe that a Master’s job is merely to use a whip to get their submissive to do what they want, this is not the entire story. Instead, a Master can use their voice and their tone to completely control and manage the behaviors of a slave, allowing them to spend less energy and less time on training and more time on seeing the results of a completely submissive slave.

Tone is Everything

Your voice changes, depending on the way you feel and depending on the way you interact with others. And while your slave may not understand all of the nuances of your voice, realize that your voice will convey the way you feel and the way you are in control (or not). The deeper your voice, the more controlling you will appear, so it is best to try to use that lower tone when you are in a scene with a slave. In addition, make sure you speak slowly, as this forces the slave to listen to every word you have to say and to respond only when you are done talking (not when they want to respond).

Silence Creates Control

At the same time, the silence you choose to use in your scenes will also help to control your slave. Make sure there are times when you don’t say anything and you don’t respond to anything they say. They will eventually learn that silence is a good thing, and something they should model as well. You may even want to try training your slave without saying a word, helping them internalize the lessons you have already shown them and helping them focus inward on how they can please you, based on what you’ve already taught them.

Surprise Your Submissive

When you begin to see the changes in your slave as you change your tone, try surprising them with different tones of voice at different times. Perhaps at some times you are harsh and demanding, while at other times, you are soft or silent. Keeping your slave unsure about what they can expect from you causes them to be vigilant in their behaviors and focused on what they need to be doing, based on how they have been trained. If the slave doesn’t know how you will control them, they will need to be ready for anything.

Observe the Slave’s Reactions

Try blindfolding your slave and trying out different tones of voice when you are in a training session with them. This will allow you to see their reactions and it will tell you how your slave might respond to certain tones of voice. Information like this can then be incorporated into your next training session, and allow you to target your training to their slave’s current responses. In time, they might respond differently, so maintain awareness about how they are and what they might do when you respond in a certain way.

Your voice is the only tool for control you really need, once you know how to use it. Though you may not know how to use your voice effectively right now, the more confident you are in your role, the more your voice will follow. Pretend you are the most knowledgeable person in the world when you walk into the dungeon and speak with a strong voice. Your slave already thinks of you as being someone who can control her, so all you need to do is follow through with a commanding voice.

Let your voice command your slave and let your voice do the training for you. Soon, your voice will ring in her ears and mind each time she has to decide how to please you.


Master Bishop


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