Too Tired to Play with Your Slave

Since many Dominants have to work in addition to training their slaves, it’s not surprising that you might be tired from time to time – and unwilling to deal with a cranky slave. Even though you might adore your slave and you understand the need for them to be trained consistently. When your energy is drained, it might seem easier to just go through the motions. But a slave can see that and they might not be happy with that arrangement either. Instead of just going through an old session plan, boring yourself and your slave, here are some ideas to handle a day when the Dominant would rather be in bed.

Make Your Slave Pamper You

The best idea when you are tired is to have your slave take care of you. This is a special treat for your slave and it will fill them with pride to know that you trust them to make you feel better. Have them draw you a bath and give you a massage. Their goal for this sort of session is to make their Mistress feel as though she is completely rejuvenated and refreshed. They should be given carte blanche to do what they think needs to be done in order to make you feel better. You may even want to tell them that they are being ‘graded’ on this session to see if they have been paying attention to what you have said you enjoy. While this will not be a sexual session or one in which you are barking orders, there is something even more sensual about a slave who is completely devoted to caring for their Dominant.

Your Slave Can Give You a Show

BDSM training is all about showing a slave how they are to act when they are in the dungeon. When you are feeling tired out, it’s time for your slave to show you what they have learned. Have your slave create the session themselves, showing you all that they have learned to do. While you may need to perform some of the tasks to help them illustrate their points, you should have your slave simply talk about all of their lessons, how they struggled, and what they have learned. The slave should also talk about their goals for the next sessions ahead and they should grade themselves on how they feel they are doing in terms of being slaves and in terms of being the right slave for you.

Call Off the Session

With all of the lessons you give to your slave about telling you when they are in true pain, your fatigue may be an opportunity for you to control your slave by taking care of your health. Maybe you just need the break from everything. Call off the session completely and let the slave deal with it how they will. You might tell them the reason or you might not. In not telling the slave the reason, they might come back to the next session, eager to make up for lost time. If you want to give the slave a reason, let them know that you are taking some time to dream up some horrible session ideas for them and you don’t need him in the room as a distraction.

When you are a Dominant, you are also human – though your slave doesn’t need to know this. Sometimes, you just need a break and there are many ways to handle this inevitable situation. By allowing your slave to take over or simply calling off the session altogether, you will be making a good decision for your training time – and the relationship will benefit as a result.


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1 thought on “Too Tired to Play with Your Slave”

  1. It is much more work to dominate then to submit! SO when I get tired, I say to my slave/submissive…”I am so tired tonight but I need you to fill my desires..I need you to put on a great show for me… ” Then I make him take out many tools/toys.. dress up. I say.. ‘Now put cock inside you and fuck hard..harder.. dance for me around the room and wiggle your ass….watch yourself dance in the mirror.. put leash and collar on and pretend I am leading you..cock-tie yourself with weight on and crawl..many imaginative things…mostly things that I would do myself but he must fulfill. At end put on great show with pleasuring himself with denials many times.. I watch and do nothing and I get my thrills and rest!

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