Becoming a Graceful Slave

Gracefulness is one thing that comes to mind when watching a well-trained slave. They move easily from one position to the next and they seem to always be aware, not only of themselves, but also of the needs of their Master. So are some slaves just inherently better than others? Not exactly. Some slaves are simply working harder at becoming graceful than others. By practicing how to move, thinking about their actions, debating how to speak, and reviewing their behaviors later, these slaves are becoming the kinds of slaves that you long to be. Of course, taking a lesson from other slaves is never a bad idea. After all, this will only help you when you serve your Master.

Watching How You Move

The way you move seems to be the thing most people link to grace and to gracefulness. But the way you move isn’t necessarily grace – it’s how you choose to move that matters. To move with grace, you will want to look at each movement as being connected. For example, when you lift something from the floor, you will slowly move to get it and then slowly move up. Refraining from jerky movements will allow you to look graceful, even during awkward movements. Be deliberate in the way that you move from one place to another, focusing on smooth movements of your arms and legs. This is a great time to begin to think about manners and about what is considered appropriate as well. For example, you should always keep your legs crossed demurely when sitting or when getting out of a car.

Thinking About Your Actions

Just taking the time to think about your actions and decisions will encourage you to be a more graceful slave. Slow your mind after your Master has asked you something, and then think about what you need to do. While there will be times when your Master might want an immediate response, most of often this is not the case. You will have a few moments to consider what you need to do and how you will want to do it. And the more you practice this deliberate thought, the more quickly deliberate actions will follow.

Taking Time to Speak

When asked a question, you should take a few moments to consider your response. This will allow you to make the best response possible, while also helping you to understand the question fully. When you are speaking, take your time to respond, speak slowly and think about the word choices you are making. While this might seem awkward at first, the more this is practiced, the easier it becomes. You don’t want to rush answers as they will not be carefully considered – and they will not be graceful.

Reviewing Your Efforts Later

Later after your training sessions, consider your actions and how you could have done them better. This will allow you to make notes as to what you want to do differently the next time, while also helping you to see how well you have already done. If there are any issues that you think you need more training with, ask your Master for guidance. Your Master will appreciate the time you are taking outside of your sessions to become a better servant and submissive.

Grace does not come naturally for everyone. But that does not mean that grace can not be a goal you set for yourself within your Master and slave relationships. By simply learning to be deliberate, you can begin to learn how to be gracious, elegant, and a slave worth showing off.


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