My Last Lesson With Master Bishop

Here is an article that sub-kathleen wrote in regards to her last lesson.

It was a true honor to have sub-kathleen train with Me. her growth from beginning to end within the female submissive training program was breathtaking. Within training, she radiated grace and beauty that only a few submissive women ever truly express.

I thought a few people might appreciate hearing what was really going through her mind in her last lesson.

sub kathleen's thoughts

My last lesson. But then somehow i doubt that there will ever really be a last lesson. i am certain that i will continue learning and growing and i will always remember with deep respect and gratitude that it was Master Bishop and the BDSM Training Academy that gave me courage to truly learn what it is to be submissive.

So i am beginning at the end of my training with Master Bishop because i hope that my story will encourage you to be brave and take the time to really learn about yourself, your desires and what it means to be submissive.

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The day has come for my final lesson.

Now, i begin to panic, i start to question everything. Have i studied enough? Have i learned my lessons well? Am i a good enough slave? Will Master Bishop be pleased and proud of me? Will i bring pride to my Master? Then in that one moment of panic my mind hits rewind and i am remembering lesson 1. Repeating three times, “I am happy and grateful for being submissive and eager to learn more about myself and my submission”. i remembered that this lesson was the one that taught me that this is what i wanted to learn, to embrace and to become, a submissive/slave to my Master. This is what i asked for and i have given myself, my dedication and my trust to Master Bishop and He has brought me safely to this place in my life.

i have no reason to panic; i need only embrace the lesson because as with every lesson, Master Bishop has been strong, open, and fair. He has been generous with His patience, time and skills and kind with His praise. This final lesson is what i have worked so hard towards, i have become a good, obedient, strong, graceful submissive and i will make my Master/husband and Master Bishop proud. Let the lesson begin.

5:50pm i am in listen/instruct position in front of my computer. i am showered, shaved, and have properly prepared my body, makeup and hair. i am wearing my uniform, my corset (lesson # 5) and training collar. i have all my tools laid out and ready. Oh yes there is a great deal of preparation but the reward is that I get to see Master Bishops face and hopefully that face will show His pleasure with my preparation. i have sent my invitation to Master Bishop to view my webcam and this tells Him i am ready to begin my lesson. i am early but i am eager and would never want to keep the Trainer waiting. Now i wait.

The Importance Of Open Communication

6:00pm and the first thing Master Bishop says, “hello” “how long have you been waiting sub? i reply respectfully, “10 minutes Trainer”. Master Bishop’s response, “very good sub”. That’s all it takes, i feel so good that i have pleased Him and now i am a bit calmer and more confident and ready to begin this lesson.

The lesson begins with open communication, how are you feeling? What tools have you prepared? Do you have water? Are you ready to begin? i am prepared with everything except for the water. Trainer takes the time to remind me how important it is to have plenty of fluids ready and on hand before beginning any lesson or any scene. Trainer; “go get yourself water sub,” “Go Now Sub”. Another lesson rewinds. Lesson #8, talks about proper slave etiquette and voice commands and actions. Always wait for the command “go now”.

The lesson progresses as does the constant communication. Master Bishop insists on knowing at all times that His sub is feeling fine both mentally and physically throughout the lesson. W/we review several questions and answers from previous lessons and i am ecstatic to see Master Bishop smiling. This sub has memorized the proper responses and this has pleased Master. Following the commands to move into forced position, listen, instruct and request position, all i can think of is how much i want to please and how much i want to show Master Bishop how well i have practiced and how beautiful and graceful i can be while following His commands. After all isn’t the ultimate goal of a slave/submissive, to obey without question and to do it with grace and without hesitation?

So far everything is going well and i am becoming more confident and pleased with my lesson. But as with all of Master Bishop’s lessons there is always more to learn. For me the lesson that Master Bishop had specifically planned for me addresses one of my more challenging tasks, patience. Having been a student for over 6 months now, Master has come to recognize this as an area that i need to focus on and improve. Oh yes, He is correct. You see, “this sub is trying to be a good slave but this sub is not perfect yet, Trainer”

Nose Against The Grind Stone

Master commands me to go get a quarter, move to the wall and while in instruct position, place the quarter on the wall and hold it there with my nose. i do as i am told and i wait, and wait, and wait for Masters next command. While waiting Master asks, how does it make you feel to hold the quarter against the wall with my nose sub? (yes you read it right, while in training this body and every part of it belongs to the Trainer so it is His nose). i reply that i feel a bit foolish. Ok not the best reply although an honest one.

Master points out that it was i who wanted to be a slave, it was i who wanted to learn how to please without question or reservation, and that performing any task that pleases my Master should please me and that as long as i am not hurt or abused i should follow each command with grace, respect, and pride. That i should take this time to meditate on how my actions are pleasing to Master and that pleasing Master does lift my heart and makes me extremely happy.

Then just to ensure that i have learned my lesson Master Bishop teaches me a new position, He called it the “chair”. Just for fun, try this. Place both feet flat on the floor, bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and hold your arms up straight above your head. Basically you look like a human chair. Within only a few seconds i realize this is not a fun or easy position to hold. In fact it is the most difficult of all slave positions.

While holding this position Master asks “so how do you feel now sub?” “Do you feel silly now sub”? “Do you see that there are more uncomfortable positions that could be asked of you? Of course the reply to all of these questions is without a doubt “yes Trainer”. Then because Master is a kind and generous Trainer he commands me to move into request position and He talks me through my breathing exercise, helping me to work through the pain and discomfort of the previous position.

This sub’s lesson learned is; be grateful for what is asked of you. Take time to appreciate your tasks and chores. Always remember that serving your Master is your ultimate desire and know that there are many ways to teach and not all lessons can or will be pleasant.

Returning as commanded to the wall to hold that quarter i assure you i no longer felt silly. i took this time to reflect on the lesson and to remember why i am here and why Master Bishop is an amazing Trainer and how pleasing Him brings me so much joy and pride. Ultimately i know that completing this course and pleasing Master Bishop has brought pride to both Master Bishop and my Master (husband). i feel accomplished and complete and finally i feel i am exactly where i belong at this time in my life.

There truly are no words to properly express the gratitude i have for what Master Bishop has done for me. This last lesson gave me the opportunity to show Him just how much i have learned, how much i value the training He has provided and how graceful, obedient and submissive i have become. i revisited my reasons for wanting to be a good slave/submissive, what being a submissive means to me. How it truly is a state of mind and not just the sexual acts of controlled orgasm, or bondage, or discipline. I set out with a goal to understand what it meant to be a slave/submissive and to see if I was capable of being what i desired most, a strong, graceful, respectful slave/submissive. My journey has just begun and i will continue to learn and grow and become more submissive and more graceful and i will forever be grateful and acknowledge that the Master who brought me to this place was Master Bishop.

Thank you Sir, your trainee now a submissive will miss the formal lessons but she knows that you Sir will forever be her Friend and Mentor and she will always conduct herself in a manner that will always bring pride to you Sir and to her Master/Husband.

With Love, Respect and deep Gratitude,

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1 thought on “My Last Lesson With Master Bishop”

  1. This story has moved me completely. i am in awe of how sub kathleen has progressed. her demeanour is radiently beautiful, her Master must be so proud! i am about to commence my own training with my Master and this beautiful story has given me such inspiration! Thank Y/you for publishing this wonderful piece.
    slave jacqui

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