How to Remember Multiple Commands

In the course of being a slave, chances are good you will be doing a lot of things you’ve always dreamed of doing. Your life is becoming richer because of your experiences with your Dom/me and you feel as though you’ve grown as a person. However, no matter how happy you might be, many slaves have troubles with the idea of multiple commands. Some Masters enjoy having long lists of commands that they can instantly shout out and see the slave perform. These commands might include everything from presenting one’s self to the Master to doing certain things while in restricted positions. No matter what your Master might want you to do, it’s up to you to learn the commands so that they are second nature – and so you never miss a signal from your Dominant.

Mnemonic Tricks

One of the easiest ways to remember a string of commands it to create a mnemonic for this set of instructions. For example, if your Master wants you to present yourself, stand up, and turn around, you might think of the letters in the command that begin the instructions – P, S, and T. These letters might then be turned into something like a sentence or a phrase you might easily remember. You may have used this letter trick when you were in school to remember the colors of the rainbow – who doesn’t remember Roy G. Biv? These sorts of tricks work best when you have longer sets of commands or when your Master wants you to remember certain phrases or speeches during your play sessions. After your session, just write down all of the commands you can remember and then see if you can assign a phrase or a string of letters to that phrase.

Practice Makes Perfect

Of course, the most common way to remember multiple commands is simply to repeat them to yourself again and again. Keep repeating them to yourself as you practice the movements you are supposed to make. In doing so, not only are you burning those commands into your mind, but when you move your body, you are also creating muscle memory. Your body will ‘store’ these commands so that they become natural to you. You will also want your Master to work with you on the commands as their voice is going to be what you respond to most of the time – not your own voice. Again and again, practice will be the key to being the perfect slave when it comes to quick commands in a session.

Study Up

If you were a good student, you might want to take some of those studying lessons and apply them to learning multiple commands. For example, if you have certain numbers that are associated with certain positions, it might be a good idea to create flash cards that will help you remember what to do. If your Master will let you, take notes during the first session with the new commands and make the flash cards that day. This way, you can bring these cards with you everywhere to quiz yourself whenever you have the time. The more you repeat this flash card process in your mind, the more quickly you will be able to respond to the commands.

Yes, slave training can be a bit like school at times. You have lessons to learn and tests upon which you will be graded. In order to get the best ‘score’ possible, you need to treat your training like it was the most important schooling period of your life – because it is when you’re inside your sessions. Failing is simply not an option.


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1 thought on “How to Remember Multiple Commands”

  1. Practice for me has always worked best. After learning Master’s commands i write them down and practice daily. Verbal responses i write and speak them out loud repeatedly until they become my natural response. Master is also kind enough to set up practice sessions on a regular basis to review and sometimes to introduce new commands and verbal responses.

    I also make sure to practice in front of a mirror. Knowing the commands and moving from one to the other with grace and poise requires me to watch and perfect the movements.

    These techniques I learned from Master Bishop through the submissive training course and they have served me well.

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