Why Subs Need Random Tests

Every slave learns eventually, but when you’re not testing your slave as often as you should, they’re not going to hang onto a lot of the lessons. You need to make sure that your slave knows that you’re always watching them and that you’re always interested in seeing what you have taught them. Random tests are just the thing to make sure that your slave is being trained well and that they are going to continue to remember what you’ve taught them, even after the lessons are over.

Random Test – Positions Check

If you have taught your slave a number of positions, it’s a good idea to test them randomly on these movements, as they are often the first lesson to disappear if not used often. Most Dominants will avoid using these after the slave has hit a certain point, but they’re a simple and easy way to make sure that your slave is always thinking about what you want and is always able to deliver the things that you need from them. Have a series of at least ten positions that they should be able to get into on command. And once they can do it on command during random tests, they then need to make the positions perfect. This test alone can take a slave months to master.

Random Test – Commands Check

Having commands for your slave will also allow you to check on their training progress wherever you go. Have ten commands that you can use with your slave to see if they are listening to you and if they can follow your commands, even when they are busy doing something else. These commands should be as second nature as possible, not something the slave needs to think about. Once the slave has mastered the random testing of commands, then you can begin to time them to see how long it takes them to fulfill your wishes. Hint: the faster the better. You can also give these commands on the phone, in person, or in a public place for fun.


Random Test – Service Check

When your slave has been trained in how to clean a certain room of your home or how to clean your boots, this can be another more complicated random test to offer to them. See how they tackle a task for which they have not prepared and then see how they might then respond when you grade them on their performance. This is a great opportunity to see the enthusiasm of your slave, rather than how well they might clean up. After all, they might not do a perfect job, but if they are happy to do it, they will only get better with each opportunity you give to them. You can also then move the intensity of this random service check up by leaving your house as the slave is told to clean it from top to bottom in a certain period of time. How can your slave perform under pressure when you’re not around? That yields interesting results.

Random testing worked on you during school and now you can pass on these lessons to your slave. When they realize that you could ask them anything at any time, they are going to have to remember all of the lessons they’ve been taught and they might even choose to practice them when you’re not around. This will ensure that you are always in control of some parts of their mind, even when you’re not in a session together. And that’s just the way We like it, right?


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Master Bishop


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