Take Pride in your submission

i am a submissive/slave and one of the most powerful and gratifying aspects of my submission is bringing Pride to my Master. This is a cherished goal and one i aspire to at all times.  But why, why do i work so hard to take pride in being a submissive/slave?


 For Master:

 When I began learning how to be a proper submissive/slave to Master many of my lessons were focused on etiquette, protocols, and proper presentation.  Being obedient, respectful, graceful, focused and showing appreciation for all the hard work Master put into my training was fundamental to the development of our Master/slave dynamics and our growth in this new lifestyle and relationship.

It was clear that i was Master’s possession and i was to always be a source of pride to Him as with any of His possessions. Isn’t this what all possessions are for? So that the person who owns them can show them off?  Honestly it’s nice to have a beautiful Ferrari in the garage but isn’t it more fun to take it out and drive it and show off how beautiful it is and how well it performs?

An integral part of my training included going out to both BDSM and Vanilla events or social dates and presenting myself in a manner consistent with the rules, guidelines and protocols that had been taught to me.  Practicing and perfecting my lessons in actual social settings.

Public events both lifestyle and vanilla are still one of my favorite parts of my training. Nothing gives me more pleasure and happiness than to know that while out with Master i was, elegant, obedient, and respectful, and He was proud to be with me and to show me off to others.  i love performing and practicing some of the more subtle rules and protocols while out with non-lifestyle people. It is actually like having this very personal, secret, silent language only Master and i know.   It is amusing to see that often people take a double look at us when they hear me call Him Sir; however no-one seems to take any notice when dining out, how i patiently wait for Master’s signal giving me permission to begin my meal.  But my heart swells with joy and pride when i see that little quirky grin and slight nod of His head.

Master is a Strong, Honorable, Respectable Man and He is the most important person in my life. He has taken His time and energy to teach me to be obedient, graceful, open, and passionate.  He owns me, heart, mind, body and soul. i am His possession and like most people He loves to show off His possessions and i want to be that beautiful piece of art, or possession He feels is worthy of showing off.


For Myself:

There is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when i am able to share what I have worked so very hard to learned.  After all the hard work and practice and dedication of learning how to be a proper slave for Master, i so want to show off my new skills.  if i were a dancer and I studied, worked hard and practiced to be a beautiful graceful dancer i most certainly would want to perform for others.

And then there is the hope that perhaps in being a respectful, obedient graceful slave for other to see it may be encouraging or help a new aspiring submissive or slave to see how beautiful and graceful and fulfilling being a submissive/slave can be with proper training and practice.

Beyond the pride and pleasure i so want to bring to Master there is the centered feelings i enjoy when presenting myself to others.  my show of respect, obedience and trust are also a re-affirmation of the commitment i made to Master when i accepted His collar and agreed to become His slave.  It is just another way for me to proudly declare that i belong to Master and that I gave myself to Him willingly and without reservation and i am proud and honored to belong to Him. It is an honest representation of who I claim to be; Master’s submissive/slave.


For others; 

i believe that being honest with ourselves and others about who we are should be reflected in how we represent ourselves. It is often times very confusing to me when in the company of (BDSM) lifestyle people who identify as one type of person but clearly present themselves as something else. When a person has chosen to become a submissive/slave to a Dominant/ Master there is an expectation of certain interactions and the roles each person has within the relationship dynamics. For example, whether in a public *vanilla* or lifestyle social event would it be acceptable for a submissive/slave to openly ague or raise their voice to the Dominant/Master? What does this say about the dynamic?  What does this say about the Dominant/Master and his role in the relationship? And what does this say about the submissive/slave and their commitment to serve and to be submissive?

I agree that in this lifestyle and within the power exchange relationship/dynamic everyone’s rules, roles protocols and kink are different but in the context of identifying yourself or your role or your dynamic within the relationship certain behaviors and representations should have some basic guidelines and there must be some basic rules that W/we all adhere to; certain behaviors and representations that allow us to recognize or identify one’s role, place or dynamic.  Even in the vanilla world there are certain expectations we each have when dealing with people who identify as dancer’s or doctors. We expect their behavior, to reflect certain training, education and intellect.

These expectations are and should be the same within our community. So take pride in your service and show how dedicated and well educated and trained you are. Be the possession your Dom(me)/Master is most proud to take out and show off. Take pride in who you are and who you profess to be. Everyone benefits….

Thank you,



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