Ways To Keep Your Sub’s Attention In Public

The work of a Master is never quite done, is it? No matter how many hours you might spend in the dungeon, you know your slave needs more work. And just because you’re not strapping your slave to a table, they should be under your command. You can take your BDSM play out of the bedroom by giving your slave a few lessons of submission to use in public. Subtle, but effective, when your slave has to perform as a slave in public, not only will your training be more powerful, but she will know who the boss is – no matter who is around.

Negotiations to Begin

Before you can begin to tell your slave that they need to be your slave when you’re out in public, you need to sit down and talk with your slave about this proposition, especially if these ideas are not already a part of your contract. Talk with the slave about your reasoning behind the new guidelines, what they might include, and what their feelings might be. You will probably hear from your slave that they are more than willing to please you – even if it means they might be slightly uncomfortable in the process. BDSM is all about pushing boundaries, after all, isn’t it?

Bondage Without Revealing a Thing

Bondage aficionados will love the idea of binding their slave in ways that are discreet and yet helpful to training. All you need to do is to create a simple chest harness on her before she gets dressed for the evening. This will help her to maintain the proper posture, while also helping her remember that you are in charge of her body and her movement. Make sure the chest harness is not so tight that she can not breathe normally, but it should be tight enough that she can feel this harness at all times. Using slightly thinner rope is advised to ensure that no rope bumps are visible as well.

Code Words to Use

Sometimes, ‘Sir’ and ‘Master’ are going to sound out of place, especially when used in mixed company. Amongst your BDSM friends, these might be acceptable, but you need to choose something else when you’re going to be in proper situations. Some ideas for you to use include ‘May I’ and using all of the common pleasantries – thank you, please, etc. These sound a little innocuous, but you will turn them slightly more BDSM-flavored when your slave HAS to use these phrases, even if they want to just go to the bathroom. Make sure the slave has to ask your permission for everything, this will ensure she is still in her place.

Subtle Movements to Employ

Finally, a good way to remind your slave who is in charge, even when you’re not the Master of the situation is to have her always follow you wherever you go. She should never be in front of you when you walk in public. This is subtle and yet the submissive tone is undeniable. Another tip is to have your slave always stand next to you, no matter who might want them to talk in a different part of the room. They should stay within two feet of you at any time, only leaving when given permission.

Your slave doesn’t just act like a slave when the paddle is out or the rope is in place. Training your slave is something that should be done as often as possible as this is how lessons become behaviors and habits. Your slave’s training should continue when you are out and about, doing the things that other couples do – with a few tweaks for your pleasure.


Master Bishop

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3 thoughts on “Ways To Keep Your Sub’s Attention In Public”

  1. Another tip to have your submissive be attentive to you in public even when you are not there is to have her wear an article of clothing/accessory that is of a certain color.

    For those who do not live 24/7 with their submissive I would have her tell me what she is wearing so I know that she is adhering to my direction. On occasion I will come visit her at work or at home to make sure the article is being worn. This unexpected visit provides a psychological edge as well as ensures she is following direction.

    I have often used the different colors:

    Green for a new submissive
    Purple for a submissive that I have been with for over 6 months
    Silver/Gold for those who I have made a lasting commitment to.

    It is nice to aquire some of the items that you will expect them to wear. Be sure to purchase items of taste and eloquence for your submissive. She is your representative and you want her looking good in whatever she wears.

    For those who are disobedient then a gaudy piece of jewelry or tacky clothing article is in order along with your prescribed punishment.

    1. Great tip Robert! I really like the colour system you use for different submissives. Normally I use that with collars, but your colour system for clothing/accessories would definitely help to reinforce their collar system and their submission. Thanks for leaving this tip for others to read.

      Master Bishop

  2. Sir and I had little subtle rituals in place to do this too. Vesides the ones you mentioned, he frequently would tap the seat beside him with his hand or pull out the chair for me in a restaurant. To vanilla folks, it looked like he was being affectionite and gentlemanly, but I know he was giving me permission to sit down.

    One can also speak volumes with their eyes or a silent gesture like my hand on his leg when asking permission. And a subtle nod from him worked well as a yes.

    – pretty kitty

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