The Importance of Keeping a Slave Training Journal

Keeping a record of your life is nothing new. From the time you
were young, like many other people before you, you might have kept a
secret diary into which you poured all of your dreams and
aspirations. As you’ve grown older and you’re now the slave of a
Master or Mistress, you might want to use that diary tool again –
this time as a slave journal. This written record of your work as
a slave can help you and your Master or Mistress in a number of
ways. And anything that can help you be the best slave possible is
one that will allow you to please your Master or Mistress each and
every day.

What Should I Use?

The journal can be as simple or as decorative as you like – check
with your Master or Mistress to see what they might like. Ideally,
it should be a journal which you can add pages to as this is
something which will continue to get longer as your relationship
continues. A 3 ring binder with looseleaf paper might be a good
way to keep your notes organized.

For Your Master to Know What You Know

The slave journal’s primary purpose is to ensure your Master or
your Mistress knows what’s going on in your head or in your slave
training. You might want to write down all of your feelings and
your concerns about your training here. This doesn’t mean you
should simply complain on each and every page, but you should begin
to process the events of each training session. Write about the
parts that you found difficult, challenging, or even embarrassing.
Think of this as a way for you to communicate how you feel your
training is going, as you are often the best person to grade this
progress. While your Master or Mistress will be able to guide you
in your training, having as much feedback as possible will help
everyone get the most out of their actions.

Working Out Your Issues

Of course, if you are having emotional issues that come up during
your sessions or between your time with your Master or Mistress,
this can be a great place to start to work out your emotions. In
doing so, you will begin to face your own problems on your own,
leaving your Master or Mistress free to worry about other things.
You might want to talk in your journal about things that might be
causing you to be distracted during your sessions, for example, or
you might want to talk about things you want to do for your Owner
in the future. This can also be a place to congratulate yourself
for things you’ve done well and boundaries you’ve crossed without
any trouble or resistance.

Look at Your Progress

As you continue to add to this slave journal, you will begin to see
just how far you’ve come in your training and in your mindset as a
slave. Whenever you begin to feel like you are faltering, you can
go back through the pages of this journal and see just how much
better a slave you have become. If you feel like you might need
more work in a certain area, you can also use this journal to see
how you approached a similar problem in the past. Like a slave
guide book, this journal can become a way to continuously become
better in the roles you are asked to take on.

Using a slave journal has become commonplace in the BDSM world for
one reason – it works. By allowing you to have a constant place
for communication with your Master or Mistress, as well as to have
a place to work through your problems as well as a format to track
your progress, this journal will become your training manual and a
way to keep your relationship moving in a positive and productive

To receive more ideas on what to write about in your slave journal
and ways to explore yourself and your submission in a much deeper
way to go ===> Slave Training Guide


Master Bishop
Mistress Sophia

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1 thought on “The Importance of Keeping a Slave Training Journal”

  1. I met my master for the first time today and he wants to make sure I relay want to be made into this mindless slave which iwas thinking about because my older sister cassie wants to do it. but after looking at pics on tumbler I saw things that made me wet and realized that I wanted this.

    I promised him I would write in this and relay think about being made into a mindless slave for him. I know I want to do it. and ill keep thinking about it all day. but its what I want to do. for real.
    talking about it made me feel sooo different the things he said about it.
    I guess this is my first writing in here but im gonna go look at some tumblr stuff and then il come back and write again I hope.
    I kinda like the idea of writing things down in here. Ill be back later.

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