Preparing myself For Master

Preparing myself for Master is like preparing a special meal. The time and attention taken is as focused and planned as a 5 course meal.  Allow me to share the steps i take to prepare myself for Master.

The Recipe 

Step one:  Choose the mood or theme for the meal

i believe a special meal should have a theme.  Usually the theme is centered on how i’m feeling or perhaps what it is i am hoping the meal (*me*) will communicate to Master. For example: Am i feeling warm, soft and passionate, then the meal might be a slow three course meal with candles music and dessert, you know the kind of meal you want to take your time with, savoring every little bite. Or maybe i’m feeling energized and a little playful and mischievous, then I’m thinking, BBQ ribs messy with a little kick. A meal requiring special skills in finger cleansing… Oh yes, the finger licking good meal one of my favorites. Then there is the hot and spicy. This meal requires a- “proceed with caution” sign.  Perhaps a nice spicy bowl of pasta e fagiole!  A steaming, spicy, hot meal in a bowl just waiting for Master to dive right into can be absolutely yummy.

Tonight’s meal has been chosen!  *Patience*  One step at a time

Step two:  Gather all necessary ingredients

Confirm all ingredients for your meal are available. Obviously if you are missing a major ingredient then you will need to make time to shop or change the theme.  So let’s begin with the important ingredients. As with any good meal, presentation is key. No one wants to eat food that doesn’t look appetizing on the plate or table or floor or bedroom.  i will need ..

1. Main ingredient (me)

1. Outfit (Purple and Black lace corset)

1. Stockings (Black lace thigh high)

1 Pair of shoes (Black 4” Heals)

1. Black slave collar

1. Red anal jewel

2. Black wrist cuffs ,

2. Black ankle cuffs.

Check, check and check all ingredients available and ready.

Have you guessed what the meal theme is yet?

Step Three: Preparing the ingredients :

Every meal requires proper preparation so allow yourself plenty of time to clean, peal, pluck, shave, and cut and style each ingredient. For me this can be a two plus hour process. Shower and shave what has not been removed via lazier treatment.  Cleaning inside all cavities is vitally important. No one can know which part of the meal Master will most want to enjoy so be sure to prepare each body part as if it were the one part Master will want to savor the most.  Hair washed and conditioned readied to be styled.

After cleaning, tenderize with lotion or body cream. Master prefers body lotion with a very clean light sent and perfume light musky. Some Masters prefer unscented lotions and no perfume. Knowing your Master’s preference is your responsibility and if you want this meal to be a success pay attention to the details…

Step Four: Preparing the meal:

Thought and patience should be put into everything we do.  Now the time has come to put this amazing meal together. i begin with makeup, subtle warm tones with rich red lips shinny and wet.  Now hair, dried with soft curls pinned up loosely allowing them to fall softly down the center of my back and adorned with a red ruby hair pin to match the ruby anal jewel.  Next, generously prepare the anal jewel and insert.

With each passing  moment in preparation  i feel myself becoming more centered and focused. my excitement and nervous anticipation building as everything starts to come together.

Breathe slowly in and out….. Now, carefully i slide the silky smooth black lace thigh high stockings up each leg taking care to make sure the seam in the back is straight and properly placed. Place the corset around my waist and secure it properly. (Note: dressing in a corset without assistance takes practice and there are internet sites with hints and tricks to help you), Next slip into shoes.  Standing, i take a deep centering breath close my eyes and focus.

Step Five: Add final ingredients:

Adornments: Black slave collar, wrist and ankle cuffs.

Step Six:  The inspection

The presentation of any meal is as important as the actual meal itself. No one wants a wilted looking salad or a meal just thrown on a paper plate.

Standing in front of the full length mirror in as much light as is available i slowly inspect His meal.  Yes that’s correct; i look at myself as if i was presenting myself to Master for the very first time.

Next i take 15 minutes to practice Master’s commands and my responses. i want to be certain that i am prepared to present this meal with grace and respectful obedience and perhaps a bit of sass . It would be a tragedy to have spent so much time preparing this meal just to find yourself off balance and wobbling across the floor as you make your presentation. Remember – pay attention to the details.

i practice walking, crawling, sitting, standing. Kneel, Listen, Come, Stool, and Present.  I practice as many instructions and commands as i can think of.   Watching as i move through each command hoping that my presentation pleases.

Step Seven: Presentation:

i am ready, time to reveal the meal  – the pièce de résistance.

Tonight Sir your slave is serving – herself (Your slave) (Pasta e Fagioli with Spicy Sausage)

A steaming, spicy, hot meal in a bowl just waiting for Master to dive right into. 

i’m so excited my knees are shaking. It’s time, i was told to be ready by 8:00pm. One last inspection, everything in order, breath check, do not be late…. i know He is sitting in the corner of the room in His chair. He has been waiting… i close my eyes, breath slow steady deep.  Better, Eyes open, standing straight, head bent eyes cast down  i reach for the door knob and as is our ritual i slowly and gracefully walk to the center of the room, standing facing Master, i gracefully stop, move to my knees into instruct position and wait.

When the preparation is done correctly, this meal hopefully will be enjoyed with passion and desire.  OR so we hope, correct?

No matter how much we want to believe that appearance or presentation aren’t what are important. What is important are the ingredients that go into the meal or the “person” .  Yes this is true but if we are to be completely honest our senses play a large role in how we will respond to each other in the same way we do food.   Think about it, with food the first thing we are attracted to is usually the smell that amazing aroma that draws you in and makes you want to taste it  and then that dish is placed in front of you with all the garland and fuss and you just can’t wait to dive right in.

Well our response to our partner is the same only the order changes. First we are attracted or aroused by the site/appearance of this person by their presentation. You know the feeling, that plunge your stomach makes when you look at Him and He looks at you with hunger and desire in His eyes. Then there is the scent that amazing aroma of your arousal. Letting Him know, you belong to Him and are ready to be enjoyed.

Become the meal that your Master can not resist. 



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