Keep Your Submissive On Their Toes

You might be a person who likes control – of course you do. You want your slave to do what you want them to do when you want them to do it. In order to stay completely in control, you might even plan out your scenes in great detail so as to ensure your slave is always being challenged and trained. But what about doing something that’s a little more off the cuff? If you’re typically a Master who doesn’t like to deviate from a plan, your slave might be missing out. Instead of just sticking to what you plan, think about changing things up depending on the scene.

Changing Course in the Middle

When you have a certain training session lined up for your slave, and they might already have an idea of what you’re going to do, then it’s time to put a blindfold on your slave and try to do something that’s completely different from what they are expecting. Change things to a new energy to a new tempo or to a new instrument of pain. Choose to do things that are completely different from what is expected. It’s time to get out of your rut and try to surprise your slave as though they have never worked with you before in a scene. Once you have changed the course of your scene, then you can begin to try out new ways to training your slave or the ways that you normally train your slave will just seem new to them since the energy has been shifted.

Speeding Things Up Early

Many times, you might start out slowly in a scene with your slave, but this is not necessary for good or for better training. Instead, start out hard and fast to shock them into listening to everything you are saying and watching everything you are doing. When you start hard, your slave is unable to try to ease into the experience. They are either going to do well in the experience or they are going to be overwhelmed and pushed past their limits. Try to start things off with more energy and more intensity than you think you should and you will find your slave is all the more attention, as they don’t know what might happen next.

Keeping Things Slow

On the other hand, if you always do intense scenes, it might be better to try out something that’s slower than they’re expecting. This will make some slaves a little nervous, as they’re not sure of the direction you’re going, which is a good thing. You want to make sure that your slave isn’t always preparing for what might happen next as they should simply be reacting with their training as a slave with you. The more that you can throw them off, the better for you and the better for them. Allow them to be worried that you’re not going to try anything too hard on them, which might make a slave that wants to please feel like they will not do their job well.

Of course, as you read this, you’re probably thinking that you can plan these scenes out and you can try to plan ahead to do things differently. This is true. But when your slave knows you well, they will know when you are going to do something, even if you don’t say it. Try to change yours BDSM scenes midway through the action so that your slave has that moment of breathing in sharply as they prepare themselves for the mystery that lies ahead.



Mistress Brianne



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