Keep The Submissive Guessing

If you’ve ever been in a BDSM scene, you might wonder how you can make things more intense. After so much BDSM in the media and in movies, it seems that nothing is surprising to anyone anymore. With a blindfold, however, you can make sure that your partner is completely surprised by what’s going to happen next. They will only be able to guess at what might happen, which is going to cause them to be on their toes and even more attentive than they might normally be. But a blindfold is trickier than you might think, especially when you want it to be completely dark for the slave.

The Problem with Blindfolds

While blindfolds seem like the simplest tool you can use in the bedroom, they’re a lot trickier than you might think. No matter what you do with a simple blindfold, you might have troubles with blocking out all of the light. Though this doesn’t seem like huge concern, when you want to make sure that slave isn’t able to see anything that’s coming, this presents a problem. A slave that can sort of see out of a blindfold doesn’t feel nearly as helpless as they could. You want to block out all of the light that you can, making sure the slave isn’t going to have any sense of what is happening or about to happen to them.

Getting Rid of All the Light

What you need to remember about the face is that the nose is what will cause the troubles when you are putting the blindfold in place. It causes any flat material to rise up from the skin. What you need to do is to use a blindfold that can adapt to the shape of the face, staying as close to the face as possible to make sure no light can get in. Some kinds of blindfolds to use:

  • Bondage tape – This tape will not stick to the eyes and it will not stick to the skin. You can wrap it around and around to get the light completely blocked from view.
  • Gauze bandages – Softer and more malleable, bandages can help to prevent any light from getting in without harming the eyes of the slave.
  • Layered blindfolds – Of course, using more than one blindfold at a time is the best way to make sure that no light is getting through, but it causes the slave to feel even more helpless as a result.

You might need to experiment with different blindfolds to see what will work best for your slave and for their face.

Tougher Blindfolds for Tougher Slaves

If your slave wants to feel as though there is no way they can see, there are other things you can do to make sure their sight is completely obscured:

  • Use cotton balls – Before you put a blindfold on a slave, put cotton balls in the eye sockets. The slave will naturally close their eyes when you do this, and the balls will prevent them from opening them again without harming the eyes. Put another blindfold on and you’re set.
  • Buy a face harness with blindfold – If you can afford it, adding a new blindfold harness will help. This is a larger piece that generally includes a gag as well as a blindfold, securing the face and keeping all light out.

Blindfold Ball GagBlind Muzzle Gag

  • Use safe tape – If your slave is open to it, using gauze as well as medical tape to shut the eyes in a cocoon will be a great way to ensure no light can get in.

Check this out for more ways to control your slave and keep them guessing!


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1 thought on “Keep The Submissive Guessing”

  1. i used to hate surprises. Before i became a slave i had no patience at all.

    Now as a slave i love being blindfolded and i love to be surprised. i love the enhanced sense of anticipation and the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen. Being blindfolded also enhances all of my other senses. Hearing, touch, taste and smells are heightened when i am not able to see.

    i do have difficulty with full head harnesses but anything that covers just my eyes and blocks out all light works well.

    Interestingly for me giving up my ability to see required more trust and was far more difficult than being bound and unable to move.


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