Why Would Someone Want To Be Dominant?

What is it that draws a Master or Mistress into wanting to Dominate another person?

Power is a powerful thing in this world. When you look at the people who hold power, you see that they are able to get whatever they want, whenever they want.

People who are in control of companies, for example, are able to change the course of their employees by simply giving a directive or changing a rule. When they do, they see that they are the ones that are calling the shots – and it’s no different in the bedroom.

To a certain extent, we all like power. We all like to get what we want, when we want it. Even if we’re not interested in pursuing that feeling in the bedroom, who hasn’t, at least once, thought about making someone else listen to them because they have something to say?

Dominants like to have power because it helps them be in complete control over another person, even if it’s just in the bedroom or it’s just for a short period of time. They don’t have to be questioned by anyone else, and they can do what they want to do because they want to do it.

In a contracted BDSM relationship, the Dominant and the submissive have an agreement about what each will do in the relationship, as well as what both people will not do. This frees the Dominant to do what they like to the other person, so long as it is discussed ahead of time.

The Dominant will see a submissive go to great lengths to please them, even if it isn’t in order to gain some sort of reward. In many cases, a Dominant may train a submissive to achieve certain tasks, and the submissive does so to make their Dominant happy.

It’s addictive to be the person that is running the show and making things happen. The Dominant can get pleasured when they want to be pleasured, they can have their submissive do chores for them, or they can simply have the submissive at their beck and call.

Additionally, there is a lot of responsibility in training a slave. The slave and Master/Mistress relationship can include a training plan in which the Master/Mistress has certain goals to reach in order to have the ‘perfect’ slave. Watching this process of growth can be gratifying, even though there are bound to be times (pun intended) when it can also be frustrating.

There are also some Dom/mes that will enjoy inflicting pain on a submissive. They can choose to use a whip or a paddle or their hand or some other implement to increase the pain sensation in a slave. The submissive is then tasked with withstanding as much pain as possible, and for the sadist Dom/me, this can be sexually and emotionally gratifying to watch. Since the slave is receiving this pain to please their Master/Mistress.

The role of a Dominant is complicated, because there is the weight of responsibility. Since the Dominant also has to think about; a slave’s training, safety, new training methods, keeping things fresh/exciting, ensuring the slave is following with their training, etc. This makes for a lot of work, responsibility and time, that a Dominant must dedicate to a submissive. But as the two work together, the submissive begins to learn what the Master/Mistress wants, and eventually the Master/Mistress will start to get what they want.

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And let’s be honest, Dominants are often worshiped by their submissives. There’s nothing quite like being with someone else who is going to tell you how gorgeous you are and how perfect you are. They might rub your feet or polish your boots, or do any number of tasks just because you are their Dominant.

The Dominant role is one that comes naturally to many, as the rewards are great.

If you have any ideas about different reasons why someone would like to be a Dominant, please add your idea in a comment below.


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2 thoughts on “Why Would Someone Want To Be Dominant?”

  1. I’m new to this and him craving Me the way he does is wonderful. I like that I taught him to take nail polish. I love spanking him too…My spankings are a treat not a punishment. I’m teaching him to crave those as well…

  2. The reason I choose to be dominant isn’t that I crave power. As a person, I get my strength, when I have to be strong for another person. I lead, let me correct that, others choose to submit to me, not because I’m such an Alpha, but because they innately know that I will never let them fall. It gives me so much inner strength, that trust that submissive holds in me. It just transfers over to every other part of my life.

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