Changing From Wife To Submissive

Have a glance at how sub-kathleen went from a miserable housewife to a happy loving slave. It makes you wonder why more people don’t choose to accept the collar around their neck in their pursuits of happiness.


Master Bishop

As I develop and grow as a submissive/slave I have experienced an amazing transformation from unhappy frustrated angry housewife to a happy calm pleasant submissive/slave. In turn the positive impact on the relationship with my Master/Husband has been one of the most significant improvements in my life.

Wife – Unhappy – Frustrated- Angry:
As a stay at home Wife and caretaker for my Father who resides with us. I take care of the housework, the bills, cooking and am care giver to my Father. The days begin early 7:00am with chores house cleaning and general care for Dad, cooking, shopping, Dr. appointments, bills, financial planning etc. The day ends somewhere between 11:00 and 12:00 pm.

By the end of the day I am tired, frustrated and angry and all I can think about is that tomorrow when I wake I get to do this all over again. It’s that feeling of being a hamster running in one of those wheels and never getting anywhere. I never feel like I have finished or accomplished anything.

All I can focus on is me and how tired or frustrated I am. I am responsible for so many things and yet I feel as if I am losing control of everything. My thoughts and attitude are completely selfish and self-indulgent. Thoughts of how hard I work and nobody appreciates me. Oh and my favorite, maybe my Husband should stay home and I’ll go to work because as all housewives know our husbands are having a party at work while we’re home losing our sanity.

By the time my husband returns home from his day I am breathing fire and ready to just bite his head off for no reason at all.

The intimacy in our marriage is minimal mostly because let’s face it, who wants to try to arouse a woman who has done nothing but complain all day or who reminds you throughout the evening about how tired she is. My unhappiness is spiraling out of control and now to add to the problem I am sexually frustrated and emotionally lonely.

Fast forward 9 months. I am in training with Master Bishop through the BDSM Training Academy and my entire attitude and emotional state has changed. Learn more about online female submissive training by clicking here

submissive/slave- Happy – Calm- Pleasant:
I am now a submissive/slave to my amazing loving, patient and controlling Master/Husband. Yes this is the same husband I have been married to for 19yrs. So much has changed and so much has not.

My day begins earlier now 5:00am and ends whenever Master is ready to sleep.
I wake refreshed and ready to face the day. It’s Friday and today’s chores include laundry and ironing. Frankly I have always hated ironing but on this day I find myself smiling, listening to an audio book and getting excited because I can’t wait for Master to return home to see what I have accomplished.

I step back from the ironing board and turn off my book and begin to realize just how much happier I am and how calm and at peace I am. I am bubbly and full of energy and I am hot with excitement knowing that Master will be home soon. And I have to ask – Why?

The answer becomes so very clear.
The reason is because I no longer feel like I must do everything and control everything and do it all in one day. As a slave my day is planned and scheduled with clear direction and expectations. We have created a daily schedule of tasks and chores and Master has included time for my own personal needs and development. I now have time to go to the gym, have my hair and nails done. I have time to read.

I no longer stress over what needs to be done or how Master likes things to be done because it has all been negotiated and planned and scheduled. Master controls the finances, I just pay the bills. Master decides when we eat, I just fix the meals. Master decides on our personal activity I just make sure I am always ready and prepared. The power exchange has been completely liberating.

What has not changed:
I am still a housewife with the same chores and responsibilities.

What Has Changed:
Master and I have created protocols and set time aside for us to focus on each other. On our needs and desires as Master/slave. Now all I have to do is follow the rules, keep to the schedule and focus on pleasing Master

In return I am rewarded with appreciation, acknowledgement and praise. Master recognizes my hard work and efforts every day. He checks my chores and tasks and acknowledges me with thoughtful warm praise (Good Girl) and (Everything looks great) or (Dinner was Excellent) and warm touches.

So now when Master comes home at the end of His stress filled work day he is greeted by his submissive/slave with a kiss and a smile and a “Welcome Home Master” your slave missed you.

So, which person would you want to come home to?

experience Slave Training online

Introducing the submissive/slave schedule has actually brought more order, organization and focus into my life. I now feel accomplished, worthy, needed and appreciated.

Adding protocols like our ‘welcome home’ protocol helps me to stay focused on my submission to Master.

Handing over control to Master has alleviated most of my stress.

The benefits:
A happier and calmer healthier submissive/slave (wife), with a higher energy levels, a stronger sexual desire, and passion in our relationship. As well as an overwhelming improvement in the communication and love that we share.

As O/our M/s relationship grows W/we find that O/our focus is on a common goal and W/we each have our individual roles and responsibilities. Master provides me with a home, direction, emotional support, open communication and acknowledgement. I provide Master with a peaceful, clean home complete with a warm loving submissive/slave that Master WANTS to come home to.
W/we have found true balance.




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