The Reality of Fantasy

We all have them, those amazing sexual fantasies; the ones that may have first introduced us to the passions burning with in us, the desires that go beyond the typical sexual acts of the vanilla couple.
The romantic, animalistic beautifully painfully and scary pictures painted in all those novels, the Victorian house maid, the pleasure slave, the kidnapped, bound and tortured and the 50 shades of whatever.

Perhaps it was these scenes that touched a place within us and created the need to explore and experience this beautiful and fulfilling BDSM lifestyle. So we begin our journey.  But as we learn and grow and navigate this new journey we find that we live in a world very much removed from the fantasy.  The question then becomes, can we create the fantasy within the world and relationship and path we are currently on? i will say yes, yes you absolutely can. And not just with role play and scenes but with your everyday 24/7 lifestyle.

It is crucial when we explore and grow that we also keep a balance on reality and still find the fantasy within that reality. I know that sounds a bit confusing but let me see if i can elaborate with a personal experience.

It was almost time for the fourth of July holiday weekend. Master planned a beautiful weekend at the shore. Sun, sand, the sounds of the waves as they caressed the shore. The smell of the salt water and the boardwalk fries. I was giddy with excitement and the thought of just getting away and spending time away from the house and chores. Time to just belong to Master.

Immediately i began to daydream and fantasize. Remembering all the amazing romantic beach scenes I have read and almost climaxed to.

*—–**The Fantasy…** Walking along the beach, alone, feeling the cool wet sand beneath my feet and missing Him. Wanting to just feel His touch.  It’s the early evening and the sun has just about fallen behind the ocean and i am feeling a bit cold and empty, i look up to see the last of the sun sink into the water and then turn and there he was.  I look up at Him confusion clear on my face. He said he couldn’t join me, said he had an emergency to take care of but there he was. Barefoot, shirt open, hair mussed by the breeze blowing off the water, eyes as dark and deep as the ocean, standing directly in front of me.
He grabs the back of my hair and pulls me into his arm for a kiss so hungry and wild i thought i would drown right there, unable to breath as if being swallowed by the ocean itself. As he releases me from the kiss he whispers, “it seems i have missed the sunset, but perhaps i can show you the beauty, passion and fire of the sunrise  

Awakening from my daydream and feeling wet and wanting i realized there was much work to be done to prepare for the weekend and then i immediately remembered it would not be just Master and i on this trip. We are responsible for the care of my father who lives with us and he would be sharing this Holiday weekend with us.

The fantasy gone now i begin making arrangement with the kennel to care for our dog, making certain all the beach gear was clean and ready for packing. Setting up extra food and water and comforts for our cats who can take care of themselves for the weekend, packing for dad, preparing clothes for Master to choose from gathering our luggage and making my checklist so not to forget anything.  This is the reality of the slave/submissive in my household. This is my reality.

So when does the fantasy start you may be asking? Well for me it already had. Going through my chores i think of myself as the house slave, running around to prepare everything for Master. Making certain that when it is time to leave for the weekend all Master need do is get into the car and drive. I can hear Him say, “good girl, you have remembered everything”. i smile, bow gracefully and think, yes this weekend will be perfect.  I love making my reality my fantasy .

**—-The Reality….** The day we arrived at the Hotel on the beach we were under a Hurricane warning. It was crazy. The waves were angry and large walls of water were rushing in to pound the shore.  But most of the storm had already passed us and the conditioned promised to improve.  Master and i didn’t care, we were away from home and the stresses of the everyday and Master as always promised to make this a memorable trip. So we checked in and got dad all settled into the room where he settled in for his afternoon nap.  Master informed Him that we would be going out to find a place to grab a bite and would bring him back a snack. And so we did.

Throwing on the rain poncho’s i packed, hand in hand we walked along the boardwalk in the rain and wind, barefoot and laughing at our luck and reconnecting as Master and slave.  We talked about the plans for the remainder of the trip and Master made a few changes to adapt to the unpredictable weather conditions.  Master insisted we shop for sweat jackets in case the temperatures dropped in the evening because of the storm and then we found a little place on the boardwalk for a couple of beers and some salad and sandwiches. It was perfect and magical and every bit as hot and passionate as those romance novels. Master taking control, daring the weather to interfere with the plans he made, yes it was my reality/fantasy.     Can you see it?  Can you feel it?

After lunch as we walked backed to the hotel Master asked what i was thinking and i said, Sir, i was recalling a fantasy i recently had. It took place on the beach as the sun came up. “Continue he said”  So i did, “We were on the beach You, me, sand the rising sun. Your hunger and passion so strong. You pinned me down and tore the cotton shirt from me then used it to bind my wrist, then lifting my skirt you took every bit of what was rightfully yours to take Sir”. Looking down and smiling as we continued to walk i could hear Master’s growl and then chuckle but He said nothing more. I ended the story there but shared one final thought. “Sir you know i have never actually seen the sunrise from the ocean before.” Master replied “This is a public beach you know” Then i chuckled and replied, “yes Sir, i know”

The day and evening continued as planned, the weather cleared and the fireworks show was fantastic. The crowd began to clear and we took a slow leisurely stroll back to the hotel, dad following behind in his scooter and stopping  to get the ice-cream dad requested and coffee for ourselves and if i recall a snack for the room.

With dad all tucked in we sat out on the balcony of our room and just took in the sound and peace of the ocean. Then off to bed to recharge for the full day planned tomorrow.

It was 4:00 am when Master woke me.  Whispering in my ear He said, if you don’t get up you will miss it. Miss what i said… The sunrise of course.

He had the chairs all set up on the balcony and He wrapped us up in the bed blanket and out to the balcony we went.  It was so calm and peaceful. As the first signs of light began to show we could see a few people walking on the beach and jogging along the boardwalk. But we were on the top floor, cuddled together in the warmth of Master’s arms and the blanket and no one could see us. No one could tell.  We sat patiently in silence holding each other and waiting as the golden light of the sun began to peek up from the ocean. Then as it grew brighter and the golden color turned to a warm glow of red mixed with gold and white and it was breathtaking…and for a moment i was transformed back to the fantasy i spoke of earlier, and the whispered promise of her Master *(“it seems i have missed the sunset, but perhaps i can show you the beauty,  passion and fire of  the sunrise” )* and a smile spread across my face as a tear of absolute love, gratitude and happiness ran down my cheek. I turned to Master and said “thank You Master, You have given me my fantasy.
Then with a wicked smile Master turned, looked at me with those deep dark eyes, took my hand under the blanket and placed it where i could feel His growing  passion and then He said,  “now that i have given you your fantasy it is time to give your Master one of His. Show me how you thank your Master for making you cry…

This is a true story and shared of course with Master’s permission.

You see it is not always what we expect but what we feel and see and appreciate in what we have that can make the Reality a Fantasy.  If you seek it i’m sure you will find it as well.

Thank you Master, with gratitude from your loving slave……

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1 thought on “The Reality of Fantasy”

  1. I like that perspective..

    I used to think that fantasy was more exciting when it was still a fantasy. The reality was never as erotic…
    After reading this story my life could become a fantasy 🙂 Ty

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You Have Got My Mind Racing!

I have been rereading your book over and over, each time I learn something new.


Thanks to you I finally realize how strong of a person I am! 

P.S. just love all the new tricks I have learned

Mistress Sarah

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