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The positions that your slave can place themselves in for you are a great way to measure the training progress of a beginner as well as an advanced slave. No matter where your slave is, they should be able to present themselves to you in your chosen way.

But the trick with presenting is that you need to have a clear idea of what kinds of positions your slave is expected to know, how many, etc. If you open up any slave training book, you are likely to find more positions than you can even remember, so you will need to select a few that will work well for you and for your slave.

To add to the confusion is the idea that slave positions are often used for no good reason at all – only for the fact that they are slave positions. As a Dom/me, you have a great opportunity to teach positions to your slave in order to add to their submission as well as to create a measurable way for your slave to see how they are meeting your expectations. By learning more about the usefulness of slave presentations, you can begin to see just how valuable they are in slave training.

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When you begin, you will need to research various ways that your slave can present his or herself. You can find a number of great descriptions within the bdsm slave training guide as well as pictures that show other slaves and how they hold these positions. This will give you a better idea of what might work for you in terms of erotic pleasure for you as well as what will be challenging for the slave to hold. Try to find several positions that are suitable for you to teach.

Why you are having your slave present themselves to you is the next challenge for a Dom/me. Most Dominants will like to have these positions as a part of the slave’s life because they allow the slave to show their submission in a very obvious and physical way. These positions can be ordered at any time of the day or night to bring the slave back into focus and into their submission. With time, you will be able to simply say the command and they will be ready to serve your needs.

The slave presentations also do well to create a sense of humiliation in some slaves as they are typically performed naked and to expose the genitalia in great detail. By spreading the buttocks, for example, the slave can be embarrassed, thus feeling emotionally controlled by the position alone – even if you do nothing more.

This action also helps to prepare the slave’s mind for their submission during a scene or as soon as the Dominant walks into the room. Everything else stops and they become the object of the Dominant’s attention.

A slave that presents themselves is silently saying that they are at the control of their Dominant, so these positions are a valuable training tool for a Dominant. Teaching the slave several positions and correcting and adjusting them until they are exactly the way you want them will be a long process, but a rewarding one. You will be able to set measurable goals for your slave and for the
training process.

With time, some Dominants will have their slaves learn dozens of presentation positions that can be called upon in any situation. While they aren’t all necessarily explicit in their form, they can be simply ways to show the slave’s willful submission to your needs and to prepare themselves for a punishment or the scene ahead.

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