What Types Of BDSM Mistresses Are There?

While you might think otherwise, not all Mistresses are the same. Though they share the same quality of dominating a slave, the way in which they provide this domination can vary from relationship to relationship. In order to make sure you present yourself as the ‘right’ sort of Mistress for the slave you have in mind, you will want to think about where you fit into the Mistress categories. Keep in mind that these names are just guidelines, and that it’s the descriptions that matter more in terms of what sort of Mistress you might be to your new slave(s).


The basic Mistress is a woman who takes control of a slave, body and mind. You might train them to serve you in a number of ways, as in helping you to clean your house, pay your bills, etc. A Mistress can also be a very light term to be used in a more everyday relationship to show that you have control over your partner in some way, even if it’s not a hardcore type of relationship. As a Mistress, you will want to exert some sort of domination by providing clear cut rules and guidelines for your slave and then making sure they follow them to the best of their ability. You might be in charge of punishments, rewards, and bondage application, depending on your desires as well as the desires of your slave.


If you want to train a slave but you don’t necessarily want to have sex or to have a live-in relationship, you might want to look into being a Dominatrix. These are professional Mistresses who take control of a slave for a certain period of time, working with them and with their needs in order to help them become a stronger and more obedient slave. You might be a Dominatrix that applies a lot of pain or humiliation as a part of your sessions together and you might also work on training the penis to do what you want it to do. As the name implies, the Dominatrix is a Mistress who completely dominates the slave and tells him what to do at every moment, within the boundaries of consensual play. There are many professional Dominatrixes available who also just play with clients in the way that pleases them, dominating them completely and then leaving them to their own lives when the session is done.


Some male slaves like to be the bad little boy to their Mistress mommies – and you might enjoy this play too. You might force the male slave to dress up like a little boy or a little girl for a little sissy play. Then you can act like Mommie Dearest to your slave in order to teach them how to behave when mommy is in the room. This can be a form of age play or just abject humiliation as you put the slave into female outfits that might make them feel like less of a man. And you can make sure they are as ‘girly’ as possible as they move around and serve you in whatever way you see fit.

No matter what kind of Mistress you’d like to be, you will find a recipe that works for you. You may end up using various parts of different Mistress types to form your own special blend of Mistress-ness. Or you might simply switch from role to role depending on the slave you are with – or the mood you are in. You’re the Mistress, it’s really up to you what you do. Just enjoy it.

If there is another style of Domination or another kind of Mistress that you think everybody should know about please feel free to leave a comment below. Or just let everybody know what kind of Mistress you prefer.


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4 thoughts on “What Types Of BDSM Mistresses Are There?”

  1. My wife is my Queen, I am hopelessly devoted.
    I serve at her feet and hers alone. I am an instrument of her will in this world and the next.

    1. A Queen/Goddess is definitely another type of Mistress. One that is meant to be adorned and cherished at all times. Many Queens will have a slave perform service tasks such as cooking and cleaning to make the Queens life easier. Most Queens will also have their submissive adore and worship Them and specific body parts, such as their feet or ass.

      Thank you for mentioning this muleboy.

      Mistress Brianne

  2. I always like the term Goddess. She is playfully cruel in such a satisfying and teasing way. She knows how to get in my head and she makes me crazy! I would do anything for her. I love her elaborate sexy costumes…OMG

  3. I Love Dominatrixs but is there any that will talk and give sessions online and RL for free just for there own pleasure of pain playing and humiliation? Because I’ve been trying to find one for months and I’m 18 and new to this. I really want this and will do wild things to prove myself. Is there any chance in finding one?

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