How to Create a Longer Scene with your Slave

While there might be times when you want to make your slave do all of the naughty things you want them to do – all within fifteen minutes – there are other times when you might be more interested in having a longer scene. But with a longer scene comes more problems and often more concerns for you as the Master and for your slave. With a little planning and a few adjustments to the way you normally approach a scene, you can have your slave working hard for you for hours, not just minutes.

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Why Longer Sessions? Are They Necessary?

Think about it for a minute, your slave can probably be ‘good’ for short periods of time. But the real work begins when a slave is pushed past the point of their comfort. Longer sessions are especially important when a slave has been working with you for a while. They need to be challenged more often so that you can see that they are able to maintain their slave focus for as long as possible. Of course, longer sessions are not always realistic for either person to do, but when you bring in longer sessions, you will be able to really check to see if your slave is just ‘making it through’ your normal sessions or if they are actually learning from your orders.

Extending a Session Today

The easiest way to extend a session today is to have your slave perform just five more minutes of a particular task than they are normally asked to do. And instead of telling them that this is the case, you want to simply see how they handle this new challenge. Watch them carefully to see whether they are upset by the change or if they respond well under this new pressure.

Of course, five minutes isn’t that long of an extension. What you really need to do is to create a time period in which your slave can be your slave for an entire day or even a weekend. This way, you can see how your slave responds to being under your control all weekend. At the start of the time period, tell the slave that they are to do ONLY what you want them to do for the entire agreed upon time.

Planning for a Longer Scene

While extending a scene by a few minutes might be simple, extending your sessions by a few hours or days is trickier. To create an effective longer scene, you must draft a plan of what happens, often combining scenes within the time period. Of course, to ensure the scenes work well, you will need to devise ways to segue from scene to scene. You don’t want to lose the energy of one scene by awkwardly moving into a new scene.

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Draft a basic outline of your longer session, what will be done, etc. Then, put down time limits for each scene, realizing that you might need to adjust your scene as it unfolds. You might even want to create a list of things you want your slave to do and a list of things you hope to fit into your session if you have extra time.

No matter the reason for wanting to have longer scenes, the more you challenge your slave in this way, the more effective you will be as a Master, and the more effective the slave will be for your needs. You both need to be pushed past your comfort zones, after all.

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