secretary being a slave to her boss

Prepping For An Important Meeting

Davina’s morning like most mornings had been hectic. Jumping from one task to the next. Lately it felt like everyday all she was doing was trying to play catch up.

The new applicant was supposed to be taking on some of the extra work Davina had been handling, but first Davina had to train her. The new assistant had to be able to perform her tasks with the same excellence as Davina.

Not an easy task, but Davina always did like taking on new challenges. Perhaps that is why her Boss was always more than pleased with her. He was confident she could handle anything he threw her way. Not only would she get it done, more times than not she would surpass his expectations.

Oh how she loved to please him. Just standing there remembering how He looks when inspecting her work makes her entire body throb with need and distracts her from her tasks. But time is of the essence and Davina has none to spare, even for a beautiful daydream.

A loud ping rang from her computer. Her eyes desperately trying to re-focus on the alert message displayed on the monitor as she tries to catch her breath and regain her composure.

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Her Boss had a scheduled meeting in 15 minutes that she needed to prep his office for. She had no time to waste, everything had to be completed on time as per his instructions.

Pushing her chair back, she stood up unbuttoning her blazer revealing a gorgeous pinstriped under-bust corset. Her body captured within the tight confines of the garment, exposing her succulent breasts and gorgeous curves. Her nipples becoming erect from the cold breeze of the air conditioner or perhaps from anticipation. Professional yet revealing just the way her Boss required her to dress.

Unzipping her skirt, she lets it fall gently to the floor. Stepping out and placing the folded skirt on her chair. Understanding the purpose of this meeting and the tools that would be needed, in place of panties, she had wore her leather harness. Always being prepared was one of her best attributes. She knew what she had to do today and had dressed accordingly.

Davina loved the feeling of those firm straps gripping hold of her body. No one ever noticed it under her skirt or they were too polite to say anything. Whatever the reason Davina loved both the exposure of the harness and the restriction of it. Her pussy clearly felt the same way as it greedily began throbbing against the straps as moisture began to gather between her thighs.

Ever since she started this job she had completely lost control of her pussy. Now it followed her Boss’ lead, instruction and demands and for some strange reason this loss of control made her feel more empowered, not to mention made the workday highly interesting. But, today was going to be a very busy day she had a job to do and didn’t have time to get distracted by her own impulses.

Pulling open her side desk draw Davina pulled out a realistic looking hard cock and snapped it into place on her harness. Davina’s instructions were to get a new dildo to help break in the new assistant. When the package had arrived, Davina thought, Poor boy has no idea what he was carrying I’m sure he would have begged for an invite to this meeting to helped us with our work. But this meeting like all their work was for Davina’s Boss and only her Boss.

Taking a hold of her new beautiful cock, she took one last look at herself reflected in the computer screen and smiled as she realized this new office supply was definitely going to help motivate the staff and improve morale in the office.

The Mercy Stainless Steel Bondage StockTurning around Davina was greeted by the most ridiculous sight. The new applicant, her new assistant was completely failing at filing the documents she had given her that very morning. While normally a very simple task, today her new assistant was expected to perform the same task with her arms bound in a steel bondage stock. Seeing the pile of folders still laying on top of the cabinet, it looked like she hadn’t reach even completed half the work load.

“That is all!” Davina said sharply “That is all you have accomplished.”

Her assistant could only mumble an inaudible sentence as the open mouth gag was limiting her ability to talk. Not that any excuse would have been worth hearing Davina thought. Of course, Davina herself had only been able to file a handful of folders when she had first started before her Boss had to step in, but she wasn’t going to tell her assistant that.

“Come here and present yourself” Davina demanded.

Coming to stand before Davina, her assistant was locked in place as she kept her chin up and her eyes cast on the ground. Her open mouth clearly had been dripping saliva her body glistened from the light overhead showing every inch that had been covered in spit. Smiling to herself Davina thought one task is complete at least.

Attaching a leash to the o-ring on the assistant’s collar, Davina lead her by the leash with one hand, while forcing her to follow by a handful of hair in the other. Once at the cabinets, Davina pulled back the assistant’s head.

“If you want to stay here, you need to learn how to create a system, so you can get through these stressed tasks. Follow…Move to one side, grab the folder with one hand…” Davina lead the assistant showing her by example. “Read the name from the corner of your eye. Now come to the other side, using your other hand pull open the cabinet by side stepping.”

Open Ring GagHer assistant began whimpering as she desperately tried to keep up.

“This task is about teaching you to problem solve while showing you how to move with proper submissive posture. The straighter you stand, keeping your chin held high, the less drool will run over your body. Pose, posture, elegance, grace is the goal of a personal executive slave and this is the mantra should continually run through your mind as you work through each task.”

The assistant desperately tried to recite the words back while spit and drool continued to run down her chin.

“We are not your average executive assistants, who get their work done and leave. We are held to a higher standard where everything we do is a representation of our commitment to our chosen career/craft. Now with the cabinet open come to the side and slowly slide the folder in place…like so. Do you see now?”

Davina was sure the groan coming from her assistant’s mouth was some kind of yes.

“Good, now we are behind schedule. Which means we will have to work faster and harder to catch up on the necessary work. I do expect however, for you to return to this task and I want it done before the end of the day.” Davina commanded.

The same pathetic “yes” tried to escape her assistant’s mouth.

The long bulbous slapper paddle displayed on top of the cabinet, used as a motivator was grasped tightly in Davina’s hand. Pulling the leash down, her assistant’s head lowered parallel to the floor, bringing her rounded bottom into perfect view. Raising the paddle she brought it squarely down on the assistant’s tight round cheek. A loud crack rang through the office, as her assistant’s head snapped back from the impact.

“That is so you don’t forget!” Davina commanded.

Lollipop Slapper PaddleThis time her assistant eagerly nodded her head as she tried to make the same gagging yes noise.

Davina’s body shook as she briefly remembered when her Boss had put her through her paces with the same task. His strong hands wrapped around her body, his powerful voice booming out his instructions. The lollipop paddle making contact time after time after time, each blow sending beautifully blissful thuddy sensations traveling through her bottom. Her pussy and asshole clenching and throbbing hard with each impact. A stunning symphony orchestrated by a true Maestro.  It made her instantly weak just thinking about it. If her assistant was anything like her, she knew exactly what was happening to her body.

Checking the clock, Davina realized she was rapidly losing time for what needed to be done.

“quickly we don’t have much time” she said as she tugged on the leash.

In her high heels, Davina’s hips swayed elegantly from side to side. Despite her urgency she never skipped a beat in displaying a higher state of grace and elegance. Her assistant on the other hand was struggling keep up on her high heels. Obviously she spent more time in comfortable works shoes and had not learned the finer points of walking on high heels. Davina made a mental note of this to come back to it for future work/training. Her Boss would not be pleased with such a clumsy display especially with business associates in the office, it would be a terrible reflection on the office, more importantly on her Boss as well as a horrible example of Davina’s managerial skills.

Swinging open the large office doors, Davina lead her assistant into her Boss’ office. A large room with a giant old wooden oak desk shielding people from the giant floor to ceiling windows looking out over the city. To the left of the office was where most of the work would be done. A locked closet housed all of her Boss’ tools. She had become intimately familiar with all the benches, tools and supplies houses in that deceptively vanilla looking closet. Those would come later if her assistant worked hard enough to earn a chance.

A beautiful long wooden table with chairs standing around innocently stood in eager anticipation for its next use. Moving the chairs out of the way Davina directed her assistant to stand in front of the table. Circling around the table with leash in hand, Davina pulled the leash down to the opposite edge of the table. Her assistant forced to lay her torso on the table, with her head and hands locked in place by her steel stocks. The drool was already beginning to drip out of her mouth.

“Our job is to fulfill our Boss’ needs. We are at his constant beck and call. This is the job you begged to have.” Davina explained.

Her assistant was silent and dead still, clearly, she understood how important this was.

“When our Boss needs us for a meeting it is essential, we are prepared beforehand for any jobs and services he might require. Whether it is taking dictation or worshiping His gorgeously hard cock. We do it happily and without hesitation. This means we must be ready to do our service at a moment’s notice. Not being prepared is not an option for us, we chose this job. We must fulfill our duties.” Davina said with pride.

“Now you might have bitten off more than you can chew with this job…many eager new submissives do. I’m going to give you a chance to leave now if you think you might not be up to grade. Our Boss will ask a lot of us and I don’t want to waste His time with an assistant who is going to cut and run when things get tough. Here is your chance, all I need to do is unlock you and you can pick up your clothes, walk out that front door and go on to live a simple and easy life doing the same old thing day in and day out. Is that what you want?”

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A Story By:
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