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Prepping For An Important Meeting: Part 2

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The new assistant shook her head vigorously, desperately screaming to overcome her mouth gag with a resounding “NOOO!” Which she repeated time and time again, to make sure Davina understood her desire to stay.

Davina bent down grabbing her hair at the top of her head and lifting her head up so she could gaze deep into her assistant’s eyes. The desperation to stay and the need to serve could be seen deep in her eyes.

“Pleeeeassse, I wannnn to seeeervvvve.” her assistant moaned in an effort to plead for her chance to stay.

Letting go of her assistant’s hair, “Good, let’s get ready, He will be here shortly.”

Coming around behind her assistant, Davina slide her elegant leather paddle along her skin.

“We will start by giving your bottom a nice warm glow. A bright red bottom serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it is a beautiful sight to look upon. Two it provides a proper warmup for any potential work that our Boss might administer. Lastly, our Boss likes the sight of a beautifully rosie red bottom and so that is what he will get.”

Sliding the paddle between her assistant’s legs, she gently rubbed the edges of the leather along her already soaked lips. What a beauty Davina thought, as her assistant’s body was already prepared and ready before a single touch. She may have what it takes to work here after all, as she watched the leather getting slick in her assistants juices. Now let’s see how how she responds, Davina mused as she began to swing it back and forth in rapid succession.

Davina loved this paddle, the long handle of the paddle made it perfect for getting into those difficult to reach areas. She smiled to herself as she began to swing the head of the paddle between her assistant’s delicate inner thighs. It didn’t take the assistant long to understand the meaning behind the strikes. She quickly began spreading her legs apart, increasing the time between each strike. As the strikes continued and increased in intensity with each impact, she continued to spread her legs until the room was completely silent and still.

“Excellent!” Davina said as she looked on in heightened anticipation.

Coming along aside her assistant, Davina placed her left hand on her lower back. Her skin was hot to the touch that you would have thought she had a fever. The fever she was suffering from was the long ache of anticipation that she was finally about to live the life she had always longed for. She clearly had been waiting far too long for this to finally happen.

Placing the head of the paddle squarely on her assistant’s ass cheek, she slowly began to raise her arm a quarter of the way up. With one solid downward motion, the paddle struck the cheek with a loud smack that echoed in the office. The assistant’s whole body jerked forward as an moan escaped out of her mouth.

“Breathe…always make sure to breathe” Davina instructed, as she raised her arm up a second time. This time bringing her blow down on the other cheek with a resounding crack. The moan dragged out longer this time. Davina continued to strike each cheek one at a time in a slow and steady pace. Once she began seeing the ass begin to flex before the impact she realized her assistant was trying to brace herself, now it was time to step it up. Picking up pace, Davina started to randomize her strikes so her assistant could no longer guess what was going to happen next. Two times on one cheek, three on the other, who knows how many on the next. Faster and harder, slower and softer, there was no pattern, no rhyme or reason the strikes just kept coming. Davina’s assistant began to squirm and shift desperate to ease any of the impact, as the delightful noises that came out of her mouth rang in Davina’s ear. Each wonderfully fierce impact left the delicate flesh of that round bottom a slightly brighter shade of red.

Once the ass was the shade Davina wanted, she stopped the strikes and lightly dragged her fingernails across the sensitive skin. Her assistant continued to moan as her head rested exhausted against the desk. Davina continued to caress her ass, so her assistant to catch her breathe. Slowly the moans began to dissipate as her breathing eased.

Slowly walking around to face her exhausted submissive, she was able to see the giant pool of spit accumulated underneath her face. Climbing onto the table and coming down to her knees, Davina’s hard dildo pointed in the direction of her desire. Grabbing her assistant by the hair, she lifted her exhausted head out of the pool of saliva and brought it inline with her ragging stiff cock.

“I need to borrow some of that spit.” David said

The open mouth gag had her assistant’s mouth locked in the perfect position, with a little wiggle she was about to fit her dildo right through the whole in her mouth.

“Now be a good girl and don’t bite.” Davina laughed.

Sexy Low Rise Leather Strap On Harness-She slid the cock further into her mouth, knowing the panic her assistant would feel as she helpless waited with no place to go. Slowly inch by inch she gauged the depth of her assistant’s mouth. Suddenly the cock came to a stop, as her assistant’s body buckled and a gagging noise could be heard from her mouth. Davina made a mental note of the spot on her cock and eased her stiff dick back a few inches. Her assistant’s body relaxed instantly.

“Our holes belong to our Boss and he will see fit on how to best use them.” Davina explained

She then began thrusting her hips forward as she drove the head of her assistant further onto her cock.

“They need to be open and eager to be of use when he needs them.” She moaned, as she continued to thrust her cock in and out of her assistants mouth. All she could do was helplessly lay there and accept the cock into her hole as she lube up its shaft with her saliva.

Davina realized now that she was running out of time, so taking the paddle in her hand she began striking her own ass with each thrust. Her ass needed to be as red as her assistant’s otherwise her Boss would be very disappointed in her and that is the last thing she wanted. She didn’t have the time to waste, so each strike was swung with absolute purpose.

The beautiful thudy impacts traveled through her body making her head and spin before escaping out of her mouth in a resonating moan of delight. Each impact saw her thrusting harder and craving another taste of that leather against her skin sooner. Her body reacting faster than she could process, as she swung the paddle faster and harder causing her to fuck that restrained mouth harder and faster. Her assistant desperately choking and gagging for air.

Without warning she stopped and gently pulled her soaked cock out of her mouth. Unbuckling the gag, she removed it from her mouth, as her assistant gasped for air.

“Deep breathes…Collect yourself.” Davina instructed, as she let go of her head. It immediately collapsed onto the pool of saliva beneath her Realistic Strap On Dildodesperate to reserve any amount of energy she could as she tried to suck in as much air as possible. She was definitely a drooler, because Davina’s cock was sopping wet.

Climbing off the table, she slowly walked around the table to come behind her assistant to see her completely exposed body open and vulnerable to her. Taking a hold of her wet cock, she positioned herself right behind her bright red bottom. Taking in hips in her left hand, Davina rubbed the head of her cock against her delicate folds. The saliva mixing with her assistant’s juices as her lips greedily enfolded around the stiff cock, eager to pull it in further.

Davina knew how badly she wanted to feel it inside of her, she wanted it just as much if not more in that moment. But anticipation makes the pussy grow fonder as continued to tease her hard dildo just outside of her hungry hole.

“We must be ready, willing and prepared for his arrival. Do you understand?”

“Yessss” her assistant moaned.

And with that Davina easily buried the whole hard shaft deep inside of her. Her head shot to the sky as a giant groan came bellowing out reverberating from the shuddered of her ravenous body. Davina pushed her hips hard against her assistant’s pussy giving her time to enjoy the full deep sensations.  Grabbing a chunk of hair and pulling her head back, Davina began thrusting her cock. Her tight pussy perfectly molded around the hard shaft as it desperately clung onto the source of its pleasure. Each thrust producing the beautiful sounds of impact between hips and ass and cock against swollen wet pussy. Her sweaty body glistened in the light, desperately trying to cool down a body in heat. Every sound, every movement feeding both their carnal desires for more, More, MORE.

Her assistant was definitely a greedy little girl, as she thrust her ass back onto the hard cock being driven into her body. Her moaning intensifying and quickly turning into wails. Her body twisting and turning desperate to have more. Davina was quickly loosing control of a completely restrained woman. She knew her assistant was close to cumming but that had to be saved for her Boss, so with a sharp strike of the paddle she brought her assistant’s attention back on her.

“Not yet, our Boss must feel the sensations from your pleasure contractions for himself.” Davina told her horny assistant as she slowly pulled the cock out of her pussy.

The whining and begging was instant, “Pleeeeaaaassse, pleeeeaaaassse, pleeeeaaaassse.”

With a loud crack of the paddle on her assistant’s ass “No!”

“You will be allowed to orgasm when our Boss has determined you have earned it and not before. Now you need to help me get ready quickly as he will be here soon.”

Her assistant’s legs slowly curled into themselves as a pathetic sigh escaped under her breathe. She was clearly ready and chomping at the bit to serve. Now Davina needed to turn her attention on herself because if she wasn’t prepared for her Boss in time, her assistant would reap all the benefits of her hard work. Time was of the essence and tardiness would not be accepted.

To Be Continued…


A Story By:
Master Bishop

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