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Master, i’m Yours

i awaken at the first rays of the sun, blinking… slowly getting out of bed… i am used to it by now… unlike the routine that stretches out in front of me…i am here to be trained as a love slave… Your love slave, for I belong to You now… the purpose of my very existence is to bring You pleasure… in whichever form You desire… Your very wish is my command… shuddering, i remind myself i came here at my free will…as I bathe in Your favorite bath oil i prepare myself for the “lessons” laid out for the day… and night.

my outfit lays ready for me on my bed… navy blue… its dark silk creating a stark contrast to my white skin, my pink nipples like cherry blossoms exposed on top of the bustier… garter and stockings… never panties… i can’t remember the last time my crotch was covered… You insist on my being available at all times… by now i manage in the 5 inch heels… i practiced in the late hours of the night… Your obvious approval justifying the agony and fatigue…

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i prepare Your breakfast… coffee, fresh fruit, toast and the morning paper, beautifully arranged on a tray with fresh orchids….silently i make my way up to Your suite… i let myself in, careful as to not awaken You.

i set the tray down on the night stand… pulling back the sheets, to reveal your naked body… gently, my lips and tongue start caressing Your cock, growing hard within seconds without You even beginning to stir. i feel Your growing arousal, hear You moan, Your hands grabbing and pulling my hair, pulling me closer… with one swift move You reach around and turn my body so now my pussy is on top of Your face… my mouth still on Your cock, sucking, licking, nibbling.

Your tongue starts caressing my clit… i moan heavily, trembling… no one has ever touched me the way You do… Your mouth deriving pleasures from my body I hadn’t known existed… our passion rises and rises and rises… ooooohhhhh!

i collapse on Your face, shivering again and again… quickly I move down , turning, lowering myself onto Your hard cock. i am crazed with desire to feel you inside of me… we start to move slowly, in unison… pushing, receiving, rocking, grinding, pounding… breathlessly caught up in passion and pure lust… harder, faster, frantic by now, not aware of anything but our rhythm… harder and faster yet… crying out in the almost unbearable heat of our bodies we collapse in each others arms… i treasure this moment.

After breakfast I know another lesson waits… what is in store for me today?

W/we lay there spent for a moment your strong hands gently caressing my hair, my shoulders, my breasts i will cherish this feeling and re-visit it in my mind throughout the day and at night as I drift off to sleep.

You turn to me and say “I will not have my bath this morning I shall take a shower instead. I have business to attend to. But first one more thing stand up and face me.”

Slowly you remove my garter now completely exposing my sex. You reach for a cloth on the night stand and dip it into the cool liquid in the small golden dish I prepare fresh daily. A delicate scent of mint and rose permeates my nostrils as You clean my crotch with soothing motions. Taking Your time You turn me around and continue to massage my back side.

Finished You guide me to the bottom of the bed bending me forward at the hip and placing my hands on the bed post. You tie them together with a dark red silk scarf its deep crimson creating a stark contrast to my light skin.

Your hand reaches under my chin and turns my face to look at You.

“you have done nothing to displease me in fact I enjoy you very much. This lesson is simply a reminder that I may do with you as I please and to help you gain complete understanding of how to mix pleasure with pain the rewards will be ecstatic for us both” You say with a evil grin on Your face.

My throat closed i can only nod out of the armoire you take an object i have not seen or felt before. Moving in front of me You gently tap it against Your palm.

“It is called Triple Tail, the sting is immediate and lingers throughout the day giving you plenty of opportunity to savor this experience over and over again. I knew I had to buy it for you when I saw it. Lets try it, shall we? Spread your legs wider and keep your knees straight”

My taught skin still moist from the cleansing lays before You like an empty canvas waiting for Your creation.

As you slip a blindfold over my eyes you whisper in my ear “This will heighten your senses thus enhancing the pain and not to forget pleasure I promise.”

Plunged into darkness i strain to listen for your footsteps bracing myself for the first stroke. Patiently You wait, Your hand caressing my thighs, slowly moving up and down in circles to my abdomen. i feel my muscles relax savoring your touch.

Suddenly Your hand grabs hold of my hips locking its grip. Simultaneously i hear a strange hissing sound. The first stroke hits my breath gushes out sharply. Your grip is tight, holding me, steadying me as my knees buckle. In a steady rhythm You continue to paddle Your hand now finds my clit and You begin rubbing it between your fingers.

“Ten strokes that should do it for now”

Still unable to see anything i sense You move in front of me Your hot breath against my crotch. Your lips begin sucking me…i shiver from the sensation. Your tongue laps eagerly from front to back lingering at each passage entering moving in and out back to my clit grinding into it harder, faster.

As I feel myself begin to climax You reach around with one hand and slap me on my already burning cheeks. Your other hand slides between my spread legs now barely holding me and you thrust your fingers deep into me effortlessly. Overcome by the mix of pain and pleasure i scream out exploding collapsing my breasts heaving. Never in my life had I imagined being able to feel such raw and powerful sensations. my body shuddering as the waves of my climax subside, my head dizzy, spinning.

“I will take my shower now. Stay here and dont move. When I return we will discuss the order of the day.” You straighten my legs and leave me there. my heart pounding wondering what will the rest of the day hold in store?

To be continued…

By sub ak

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  1. Nicely written ak, and thanks for sharing with us. Your Master’s routine sounds very familiar and very comfortable. We enjoy providing structure and the training that goes with it. Continue to follow his lead and you will be very happy. 😀

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You Have Got My Mind Racing!

I have been rereading your book over and over, each time I learn something new.


Thanks to you I finally realize how strong of a person I am! 

P.S. just love all the new tricks I have learned

Mistress Sarah

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