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Female Sub Story: Teaching A Slave To Spoon

A fantasy night with Master by slave d

A fictional female submissive Dominant male erotic story

(i do not fantasize about purposely displeasing Master in any way, however, as a slave-in-training, i recognize there are going to be times where this may unintentionally happen. This is a fantasy about one of those instances.)

It is early evening, and Master has just finished the dinner i have prepared for Him. i am kneeling beside His dining chair as He enjoys an after-dinner glass of wine. His hand strokes my hair and trails down my back.

Shivers fly through me as i feel His warm hand on my bare flesh. He then asks me, “Would My slave like a drink of wine?”

A smile sweeps across my face as i take a moment to ponder the question while reveling in the pride that washes through me whenever Master calls me His slave. “Yes Master.” i reply as i feel my cheeks blush.

Master then twists my hair in His hand, and gently pulls back my head. “Open.” Master says.

Quickly, i open my mouth and He pours some of the red wine from His glass into my mouth. After i swallow, i feel Master tighten His grip of my hair considerably, bringing my face upwards so that i am now face to face with Him. Sensing the change in Master’s demeanor, i look into His eyes with a quizzical look on my face.

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“My dear slave, after all the time and energy I have spent training you, yet there is still a hesitation from you when i ask you a question. When I ask you a question, you are to answer Me promptly.”

A quizzical look sweeps across my face, and Master continues. “Since you are still lost as to what I am speaking of? When you do not answer My questions quickly, it leads Me to believe that your thoughts are elsewhere and not 100% focused on Me, your Master. Good slaves always think of their Masters first and foremost. You must remember to remain focused on what your sole duty is, and that is to serve Me, and My needs. Period. Now, I believe a thorough correction on your bottom is now required. Over to couch, slave.”

Knowing this correction ritual from my previous mistakes, i promptly answer Him with, “Yes Master” as i hurry up to my hands and knees and quickly crawl out of the kitchen.

Once in the living room, i get up from my knees and stand up against the back of the couch, my arms folded behind my back, and then bend down at the waist over the back of the couch. Perfect position for Master to correct me and my bottom in any way He sees fit. Master brings a wooden spoon with Him from the kitchen, simple and highly effective. He comes around to the front of the couch, and squats down to whisper in my ear. “I do not want to hear a sound from you. You will take every blow with the grace and pride I know you possess.”

i softly reply, “Yes Master.” and settle in for what is to come.

“you do not have to count the strikes as I want all of your thoughts to be centered on Me and what I am doing to that lovely ass of yours. That ass that belongs to Me.”

With the fear quite obvious in my voice, i answer Master again with “Yes Master.”

And that is when it began. There was no warm up, no starting slowly for Master tonight as He spanked my bottom with the spoon. There was a lot of strength in each of his strikes which leave that lasting kind of stingy pain He knows is the hardest for me to deal with. Spank after spank after spank. It seemed like Master wasn’t holding anything back tonight. But like a good slave, i remained quiet, using all my will power to do so.

After what seemed like forever, Master stopped with the spoon, and once again walked around the couch to squat by my face. Pulling my head up with my hair to look me in the eyes, Master put the handle of the wooden spoon by my mouth. Knowing what to do, i opened my mouth and took handle in my mouth, wetting it as best i could with my mouth.

“Such a shame that pretty mouth of yours is being used on this spoon when it should be on My cock. But tonight you will not be allowed such an honor as to suck my Cock as it seems Your Master was not the top priority in His slaves mind.”

He then took the spoon from my mouth and returned to His position behind me, out of my sight. It was at that moment i felt the tip of the handle up against my bottom hole. i tensed up slightly, and Master noticed this of course.

“Relax slave, I know first hand that you can handle a lot more in that ass.”

And just as He finished saying those words, i felt the tip of the spoon penetrate my hole, just barely though.

“Now having this stuck up your ass would put a new spin on when We/we are spooning in bed, doesn’t it My slave.”

i thought best i do not respond to that rhetorical question. “I should leave you here with this spoon stuck inside of you, but somehow I have a feeling you would enjoy that too much. You like it when there is something in your ass don’t you slave?”

i simply nodded my head in agreement with Master’s wise observation as He retracted the handle from my bottom.

“Now back to the task at hand.” Master said as raked his nails across my very red bottom. “you mark so beautifully My slave.“

The next blows i felt on my ass was courtesy of Master’s hands. You see, Master has this amazing ability of spanking me with such force and such rhythm, that it can make me cum. Master has said to me that He likes it when this happen. He says it proves to Him that i can get past the pain, and find the pleasure in what He is doing to me.

For me, His slave, pleasing Him is what i want to do. But He has also stated that i am to learn to control my orgasm and only to do so when He allows me to. Now the spankings were starting to get very hard, and i was trying so hard to not make a sound, but the time came when i felt i could take no more.

Master sensed this and stood behind me, leaned up against my legs, and bent down along my back, to whisper in my ear, “you are doing so well right now slave. Just ten more spankings until I am done. You can do this, right? Can you do what I, your Master, asks of you?”

In that moment, i found the inspiration i needed to get through this for Master. Indeed my inspiration was Master Himself. So i nodded in agreement, and buckled down for the ten, most painful spankings i think i have ever felt. When Master was finished, the tears were flowing from my eyes. i felt Him pull me up to a standing position, my knees almost buckling under me.

“Good gurl. Now that’s My good gurl. Looks like I have broken you of that nasty little habit. ” He said softly into my ear as he wrapped His arms around my quivering body.

Right there, i felt an overwhelming feeling of pride in being Master’s slave. A pride that will answer to any and all of Master’s wishes and demands…whatever they might be.

Thank you slave d what a wonderfully erotic story.

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3 thoughts on “Female Sub Story: Teaching A Slave To Spoon”

  1. That was a nice story. It reminds me of when I had to correct my little Princess when she had her naughty streak.

  2. Oh my. There will be much to learn and I will embrace it thoroughly.
    Thank you for sharing this story. It was very thrilling and educational.
    It was very thoughtful of you to share it.

  3. Thank you for sharing. The most beautiful parts of a D/S or Master/Slave relationships are the unquestionable efforts to please. There is no question that she will grow to become a great slave to her Master.

    – Mr. J

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You Have Got My Mind Racing!

I have been rereading your book over and over, each time I learn something new.


Thanks to you I finally realize how strong of a person I am! 

P.S. just love all the new tricks I have learned

Mistress Sarah

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