Alpha Dominant With Suit And Tie

The Alpha Dominant Enigma

In my last article, (​Why Some Alphas Desire Submission) I discussed the recent research showing how everybody suffers from what is called “Mental Exhaustion.” It is this form of cognitive exhaustion that greatly reduces the number of decisions that can be made everyday by a single person. Once too many decisions have been made an individual’s  ability to properly make further decisions and think critically drastically decreases.

This can be one of the major factors that cause many super competitive, take charge, aggressive Alphas to desire submission and for someone else to make the decisions at the end of the day. Despite their natural inclination to lead and be in control.

However, there are other Alphas who despite the decision exhaustion do have a burning desire to still lead, control and Dominate into the early morning hours of the dungeon.

Recently I was asked by a curious submissive, what drives these Alphas to still want to be Dominant at the end of the day and what is it they desire.

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Natural Domination

Like all personality types the Alpha doesn’t just turn on and off like the flick of a switch. It is a natural personality type that has been developed and nourished over years of a person’s life.

Ask any Alpha submissive, it can be an absolute fight to let their submissive desires come out despite how strong the urge burns for their submission.

Here are a few Alpha personality types but like all humans, it is a complex mess of emotions, desires and billions of firing neurons. Most Alphas don’t just follow into one type of personality but include a number of them.

Ambitious: Knows what they want and strive by all means to achieve it. Alphas have a strong internal drive to achieve goals and make dreams a reality. For many Alphas these goals don’t just relate to their professional life and actually go beyond personal goals. 

Competitive: The Alpha can be highly competitive and once they have their heart set on something, they will fight until they are finally able to hold it in their hands.

Leader: The alpha has a strong desire to lead by example as they know the only way to achieve their goals is to lead the charge.

Teacher/Mentor: Another way to lead is by taking people under the wing of the Alpha and educate or mentor others as the Alpha best knows how. So the Alpha can be a natural charismatic teacher to influence and help others to better achieve a common goal.

Protector: A true Alpha knows that when they’re in charge and they’re making crucial decisions that affect more than just themselves, they’re responsible for those individuals in their care. So an Alpha will have a natural desire to protect and care for those choosing to follow their lead.

But to allow these characteristics to flourish the Alpha must be in control.

Controller: Love to get their way and must have control of the situation in order to feel in control of the situation as well as their life. This can be a huge underpinning that motivates that desire to lead.

However, do not mistake an alpha who wants control with a control freak or micromanager. An alpha that desires control does so because they need to lead to be able to achieve their desired goals. Whereas a control freak or micromanager comes from a place of insecurity that they can not perform the required task adequately and/or lack of trust of other’s abilities to get the job done.

Alphas Are Never Perfect

Like all people in this world, Alphas are flawed. However, a good Alpha knows they must grow and adapt to in life to become a better leader and their natural ambition will push them to want to be better.

A good Alpha should resemble a truly inspiring leader.

  1. Someone who naturally takes charge
  2. builds up those around them
  3. recognize their talents and fosters those talents,
  4. Creating an environment where all can succeed
Essentially creating a better life for themselves and those around them. But to do that an Alpha must first reflect and recognize their shortfalls in order to be able to provide the kind of support others need from them.

Oftenly Mistaken Alphas

I bring these three up so when you look back at life (and hopefully forward) you might be able to recognize the difference between those that said they were Alphas when in fact they may not have been one.

Always remember an Alpha will do whatever they can to add to a submissive’s life, while these three will take what they can to enhance their own lives.

An Alpha will foster relationship, creating an environment where a submissive can learn and grow. These three are like predator stalking their prey. Everything they say sounds amazing and hot until they have taken everything they need from you and you are the one left picking up the pieces of what they have left behind.

What Inspires An Alpha To Want To Be A Dominant

So while decision exhaustion can drain many alphas by the time they arrive home at the end of the day, what is it that pushes some Alphas to want to continue to take control, lead and be that strong Dominant for their submissive?

Some Alphas just can’t turn off that leader instinct or don’t have a desire too.  They find peace within that space, so the protector, and the guider within them nurtures their soul. So having the lead in their personal life is second nature for them.

There is one thing that drives their instincts more than anything.

Submission Inspires & Nurtures Their Alpha

The beautiful submissive characteristics, naturally compliment the Alpha’s natural desire to Dominate. It is a perfect balance of energies that nurture and support their compliment. A perfect example of the ying/yang balance.

The submissive nature calls for the Alpha to posses them, own them, take what belongs to them. The very thought energizes the Alpha and ignites a fire within them to be able to freely express their true nature without judgement.

To allow their strengths to protect what belongs to them, care for, teach and inspire to be accepted and cherished for what it truly is meant to be. To be able to lead the submissive by the hand without resistance but by love and acceptance, feeds the soul of the Alpha.

In a world where the Male Alpha is told to suppress their “Toxic Masculinity” there is a person who not only asks for but embraces the release of those Alpha traits. To no longer have to hold back but to be able to unleash that energy without judgement and complete acceptance and desire. To witness that energy being taken in by the submissive as a necessity to nurture their soul, is energizing and required in the Alpha Dominant’s life.

The Alpha Dominant Needs Your Submission

Just as a submissive needs their Dominant, the Alpha needs their submissive. The Alpha’s ambitions require more than one person. Getting ahead is not an easy task, at every turn their is a road block or new obstacle that must be overcome. There are people constantly not doing their job or trying to make things more difficult.

There is one person beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Alpha knows they can rely on; Their Submissive. As the Alpha is their submissive’s rock, the submissive is their Dominant’s rock in return. And the Alpha knows that their submissive will do whatever they can to help.

How many CEOs have given speeches and the first thing out of their mouths is to thank their spouse. They know that if they didn’t have that unrelenting support in the face of all their struggles they would not have been able to achieve what they have.

Knowing they have this support allows the Alpha to ease their mind, so they are able to focus on more crucial matters like their submissive’s needs and desires.

So while the Alpha inspires the submissive, the submissive inspires, feeds and nourishes the Alpha’s to Dominate. Creating a beautiful harmonious balance that continues to support and feed the needs and desires of the relationship.

Alpha Dominant With Suit And Tie

By Master Bishop

The founder of the BDSM Training Academy. Master Bishop has been involved in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle for over 20 years. With a love for education both learning and teaching, Master Bishop has passed on his knowledge and experience to others entering into the BDSM lifestyle for over 15 years.

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