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If you are looking for have a formal submissive service dinner, then you should have a look at the formal instructions sub-kathleen wrote out for submissives who were looking to serve at her latest Service Etiquette Dinner.  Putting on an evening like this takes a lot of preparation, hard work and attention to detail.  Every submissive must be willing to pull their fair share of the work otherwise it can interfere with the other sub’s abilities to serve and for the dinner to be properly enjoyed by all.  These dinners are a time for a submissive to show their willingness to serve, their class/elegance/sophistication and their dedication to detail.  This is a moment for both Dominant and submissive to show their pride!

Semi-Formal Slave/Submissive/Bottom Dining Service Etiquette

By sub-kathleen

Serving is a gift we give to our Master/Dominant/Top. Elegance and grace should be part of our presentation and practice is the best way to insure that we are serving properly.
Showing proper respect and obedience to our Master/Dominant/Top and being a source of pride to our Master/Dom/Top is our goal. Let’s be the best slave/submissive/bottom that we can be.


Recommended but can be negotiated prior to the dinner party.

  • Red top – Shirt/blouse/sweater/corset
  • Black bottom – Skirt/Pant
  • Shoes – Black – Dress/Heals – recommend comfortable heal height

Table Setting:

  • Napkin – To the Right of the place setting
  • Knife and Fork – On top of the napkin – Right side of place setting
  • Spoon – to the Left of the place setting
  • Beverage Glass on the Right above the napkin
  • Water Glass on the Left side of place setting above the spoon

Serving Your Master/ Dominant/Top:

Dinner Food service:

Always serve on the Right side

  • Always serve from the right side
  • Place meal items onto plate making certain to not over fill
  • Place the diner plate with the main food item directly in front of your M/D/T

Dinner Beverage service:

Always serve on the Left side

  • Always serve beverages from the left
  • Place filled beverage glass to the Top Left of your M/D/T plate being careful not to spill
  • Keep your M/D/T beverage glass fresh and full at all times
  • Water Service: Always keep water glass filled unless otherwise instructed by your M/D/T
  • Always fill glass from Left side.


Desert Food service:

  • Make certain all dinner plates a removed from table
  • Place fresh napkins, forks and spoons in proper place in front of your M/D/T
  • Fix desert plate and using the Food service rules serve your M/D/T desert plate


After Dinner Beverage service:

Always serve on the Left side

  • Follow same rules as Dinner beverage service.

General Rules:

  • Always keep your M/D/T plate clean and filled with fresh food.
  • Always keep water glass and beverage glass filled unless otherwise instructed.
  • If You are a single Master/Dominate/Top, a single slave/submissive/bottom will be assigned to serve You.
  • If you are a single submissive/slave/bottom you will be assigned to a single Master/Dominant/Top to serve or you will be assigned a serving task such as water – beverage or desert or valet service.
  • All slaves/submissives/bottoms will be responsible for set up, serving and clean up.

Submissive Dining EtiquetteImage source: fashionmeetsfood .com – How To: Properly Set The Table


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