Choosing a Slave Name

A name is something that defines who we are, even when we don’t choose it ourselves. Our parents gave us a name for a particular reason, but when you’re in a relationship with a BDSM partner, it might become time to take on a slave name, just as a Master or Mistress might take on their title. Creating the separation between these two roles allows you to create a strong relationship and a clear power dynamic. But how can you choose the best or the right slave name? Only a BDSM partnership can decide this for themselves, but here are some ideas.

The Pronoun

The classic way to create a separation of power is to have a male or female slave be referred to by ‘he’ or ‘she,’ ‘him’ or ‘her.’ This creates a clear difference in power as it causes the slave to not be a person, but rather a gender. Some Masters and Mistresses might even choose to create a name that is the opposite gender, if this is something that will make a slave feel they are less than their owner. No matter what is used, the idea of not having any name is often a strong enough slave name or label. Also, by referring to the slave in the third person, it causes the slave to sound less like a person and more like a thing, which can be a turn on for both owner and slave.

The Humiliating Label

Other BDSM slaves like to be referred to as ‘bitch,’ ‘slut,’ ‘whore,’ ‘pig,’ or ‘doggie’ or any other myriad of names that might debase them. Try to choose one name that might be difficult for a slave to own, even though they might have a part in choosing this name. When you give them this name, you will also instruct them to use this name when referring to themselves, which allows the slave to feel even more debased and humiliated in the process. You can also choose to have a series of labels for the slave, for different scenes or months. This will show the slave that they are not in control of their name or how others see them. Have the slave say their name again and again to show just how powerful one little word can be. In time, they will take on this name with honor because the owner has given the name to them.

A Pet Name

You might also want to choose a pet name that you can use for your slave. This might be a name that reminds you of them, even when it’s not actually their name. The name will remind the slave that they are someone who is under your control and it will show them that you consider them to be special in some way. Even though you might change the name in the future, this pet name should be something that you only use in the dungeon to show that there is a clear line between the world outside the dungeon and the line inside the scenes.

A Submissive Title

Many submissives like to be given a different name to be used when they are submissive. For example a submissive male who likes to dress up as a woman may take on a female name. A new name doesn’t just have to be for a switch in gender. A submissive might take on a different name to signify the different person that they are when they are submissive, compared to their everyday life.

As a Dominant you can then add a submissive title to the sub’s name, ‘trainee,’ ‘sub,’ or ‘slave’. I personally prefer a graduation system starting with a trainee and progressing to slave depending on the sub’s desires, and abilities.

With a slave name, a slave can feel they are in their role more completely. This name can be given after a certain amount of training has occurred, and it should be something that is given only after the slave and the owner have decided they want to be together for a longer period of time. When this is the case, the slave will have a name by which they will grow and expand their slave training. In the case of a relationship breaking up, this name can be relinquished. For more ideas to enhance your Dom/sub relationship go to BDSM Training Online

Of course nothing makes a slave feel more submissive and under your control then have you place a slave collar around their neck. It truly reinforces their slave name. Check out these beautiful leather slave training collars.


Master Bishop

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3 thoughts on “Choosing a Slave Name”

  1. What about letting partner choose first or middlename? This is feasible especially if the two marry and other wants to take another last name anyway. I would like my partner give me a name from his ethnicity (I have roots in this european ethnicity too so its not insensitive).

  2. Being new to this lifestyle, I allowed my sub choose three names to be called. Today I had told her I would choose a name that I saw fitting for when she displeased me. The names she had chosen are Toy, Pet and Slave. Those to me are alright for cutesy names. However they are not strong enough to show displeasure. Two names I will use are Cum Whore or Cock Hound…

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