Writing on a Sub’s Body

Words are more powerful than we realize, but those who practice BDSM already know this. When a certain word is said or shouted, it can evoke a reaction in the slave that causes them to be more subservient or to feel as though they are less than a person. While words are certainly effective when they are said aloud, writing them on your slave’s body can also remind your slave who is in charge of their body – you. A Master or Mistress who carefully writes out the things they tell their slave will create a lasting impression, even long after the words have been washed away.

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Supplies You Need

In order to write words on your slave, all you need are some markers, an eyeliner pencil, some lipstick, or any other writing tool. These tools will allow for writing on the skin, and they can then be washed off after a scene. In some cases, you might ask that the slave not wash the words off, and to ensure this to be the case, you might use permanent markers, which will wash off, but not immediately. Think about your slave and what might cause them the most humiliation, as using lipstick or other makeup pieces might cause shame in some male slaves, for example.

What to Write

There are plenty of words that you might use on your slave to cause them to feel the words you say to them. You might want to use words like ‘sissy’ or ‘slut’ on their bodies, reminding them of their place in your partnership. You can also write out all of the things that the slave tells you about himself, in terms of how unworthy they are of your affection. Consider your words carefully or have your slave do a writing assignment about the words that make them feel humiliated. Keeping in mind any agreements you have about words that might be off limits, use the words that seem to have the most impact on your slave.

How to Take Words Out of the Dungeon

When you’re in the middle of a scene, you can ask the slave to write these words on their body in service to you, or you might want to take the words and write them yourself, saying them over and over as the slave is serving you. Other Dom/mes might prefer to write the words on their slave and then instruct them to leave the words on their skin for as long as possible, remembering their meaning and their place.

It’s also a good idea to have a slave write certain words on their body when you’re not around, causing them to reflect on certain parts of their humiliation training. The more they use these words on their body, the more your voice will sound in their head as the only voice that matters. It can also be powerful to have a slave write these words in a prominent place and then go out in public as an act of service.

No matter how you choose to use words on the body of your slave, remember that words have power. The more that you begin to show your slave that you have control over their body and mind, the more they will serve you and grow into this role. It is not just a matter of punishing a body when using BDSM Training, you also need to train the mind of your slave to continue their training, even when you’re not around. And if humiliation is one of your tools of training, the act of physical labels is a good way to continue outside of the dungeon. For more ways to enforce your control of your slave go to BDSM Slave Training

If you have anything that you like to write on a slave’s body please leave a comment below and let everybody know what your favorite things to write are.


Master Bishop

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  1. I have my sub write my name just above her vagina using a Sharpie each morning before she approaches me to kneel and offer her pledge. A constant reminder to her of who owns her

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