Flying The Kink Flag On Halloween

Oh Halloween, the night when every adult in the world lets down their inhibitions that they have been holding onto for the past 364 days. Every type of outfit you can think of because sexy in someway or another, cowgirls become sexy cowgirls, referees turn hot over night and she pirates help to raise the main sail. While many people in the kink community become upset by these one night warriors, I say let them have this one night. Unlike people who get to enjoy their desires and experience their kinks throughout the entire year, these people are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone until society says its ok for them to let loose.

Let them enjoy this night with U/us, allow them to let their hair down and dance the night free with U/us. Hopefully in time they will realize how much more freeing it is to enjoy yourself and your desires the entire year, instead of keeping locked in a closet. So go out tonight and let your kink flag fly and show the way for others to follow.


Master Bishop

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