Giving Her The Spanking She Deserves

Spanking A Female Slave

As I walked through the door I was greeted by the most beautiful site. My slave kneeling before the door, hands held behind her back and eyes starring at the floor. she was dressed in her finest collar, a beautiful waist cincher, no panties and high heels.

Bowing before Me, with her hands extended in front of her, My slave requested if there was anything she could do for Me. As she said this I noticed that her ass was shaking back and forth ever so slightly. Upon further and closer inspection of her body and My slave holes, I noticed that she was much hotter and wetter then she usually is upon greeting Me.

Attaching her leash to her collar, I decided to lead her into the living room for further interrogation. Having her stand in inspection position, I asked My little submissive why she appeared wetter then usual.

It turns out, she had come across an old picture of Me spanking her and just that image brought back all those sensations. All she wanted was the sharp sting of My hand on her soft naked bottom. She had in fact been kneeling in front of the door for the last hour, hoping I would spank her the minute I stepped through that door.

While normally I don’t bow to peer pressure, I must admit, I was in the mood to spank that round ass of hers.

Spanking A Female Submissive

I lead her to the bedroom, instructed her to get on her knees on top of the bed and slide her hands between her legs. I proceeded to shackle each limb, pulling her legs apart and attaching them to opposite bed posts. her hands were attached to a single attachment point in the middle of the bed frame. There was no slack, she was helpless to move as her face was forced into the bed, and her bottom was stuck straight up in the air.

Sliding My fingers ever so gently along the skin of her ass, I made My slave tell Me what she wanted. When I wouldn’t give it to her, she begged Me to give her what she had been waiting for. I continued to deny her, causing her to squirm even more.

I kissed and licked her beautiful ass and with each gentle caress I could see her asshole winking at Me and hear how wet she was as her ass struggled in the air. With that, I knew she was ready for a spanking. Keeping one hand on top of her ass, I raised My right hand and formed My fingers and palm into the shape of a small bowl. Bringing My hand down and across to the underside of her ass.

With just that one soft gentle spank, a loud sign was realized from between her lips, as she gasped “Thank You, Master”

Spanking Female Submissives

I continued to swing My arm, randomly switching between her two perfect cheeks. As My hand struck her flesh, I could see the redness grow and feel the heat intensify. Her beautiful cherry red cheeks moved in motion with each impact and her signs turned into whimpers with each new blow. Finally with one last sting, I stopped the spanking and returned to the gentle touch. Feeling her bottom throb with each pump of blood into her newly swollen ass.

Undoing each cuff, and sliding in next to her, I held her within My arms and I could tell from each breath she took that she was happy.

I hope you liked the story and the photos, let Me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Master Bishop

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12 thoughts on “Giving Her The Spanking She Deserves”

  1. while the pics are ok, they are only posing and not actually engaged in a spanking, so this makes them utterly useless. I would rather see photos of and ACTUAL spanking than any at all.
    The spanking itself was ok, and short, but i would have done it differently, caressing and/or licking her arse cheeks in between smacks to make it that much more sensitive. my blows would be slow and purposeful, making her wait in between smacks for that moment of contact, and finally, i may have brought out the cane for some light entertainment. Just a few as a proper punishment for demanding anything from me as i am the one to decide where and when punishment is dealt.

  2. A VERY tame male fantasy! Those 2 girls are pretty but have no idea whatsoever what they are doing on the pics. Especially the one who “spanks” is so totally clueless that you see it on the pics. Not even a good wank story!

  3. Mal, Ann and JW, thank you for taking the time to express your opinions. I love hearing what people think of the articles, stories and pics. When people are open and honest about how they feel, it really helps U/us to make the necessary improvements for the future. There is no way that W/we can create better articles, if W/we don’t hear what you think.

    I must admit, I was hoping for more action photos, but many times they just came out blurry but W/we will definitely strive for more action scenes in the future. I think for a first photo shoot, it came out looking good. Of course as with anything there is always room for improvement. Which is why I love hearing from everybody.

    As for the models, sometimes to get the right look things have to be adjusted a bit, but the girls definitely both know what they are doing. Both are very active members of the local BDSM community.

    Again, thanks to everybody for their feedback and keep the comments coming, I love hearing what all of you think.

    Master Bishop

  4. I disagree with the punishment, mal, only because you want to be mindful about what you punish and what you encourage. Even If the slave wanted a spanking and told you so, It’s still up to you basically, and you could probably take her Idea (because YOU happen to like it, too) or you can dismiss it. But you don’t really want to discourage her from talking to you, either way.

    Anyways, I thought It was a nice story. My only problem was It was too quick >( lol

  5. Pics were staged, unimpressive and typical of unreal bdsm. Anyone who is into this lifestyle could tell that from a mile away. Only the real thing will do!!

  6. Lovely! I try very hard not to earn a disciplinary spanking, I also crave a good carnal spanking administered by His firm hand, sometimes forcing me to beg prettily while He decides if i deserve it… =)

  7. After being able to watch the spanking videos and seeing how effective they can be, I can truly say that I yearn for this as much as your sub did. I can only hope that one day my husband may grow to want this lifestyle and choose this for us…I have these desires and wishes, and I try to encourage his dominance but he is afraid of this lifestyle…so I read and live vicariously through all of you…so thank you for this story…it was very inspiring and made all of my insides ache and desire…

  8. this one understands the yearning of a slut but it really isn’t punishment is it? Masters description is nice and clear as it should for instructional propose. Master might enjoy giving this one a sound spanking for His pleasure but not mine and He would make it very clear it is for His pleasure that He uses me. as for the photos the girls are cute but more pin up that bdsm and for me would have enjoyed the pinups more with some nice titty and cunt exposure but that it just this one. Thank You for sharing and taking the effort to write and share it is appreciated

    Sancho’s slut vickie

  9. I enjoyed reading this story. It..made me realize I’m not the only sub who will hold positions unasked for that I know will please. I would like this is real life….

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