Punishing The Bad Student

The bad slave is one that should be punished, but when you want to train your slave to be good, why not try a role playing scene for a change? Because they will be out of their normal element, the slave will need to make sure they are listening to your guidance and following the new rules as they discover them in their position. Being the teacher and the slave being the student might seem to be a common scene, but it’s also one that you can add a BDSM flavor to – for great training results.

Hot for Teacher

When you are the teacher, Mistress, you need to make sure that you look the part just as much as you act the part. Make sure that you dress as provocatively as possible, in a way that no teacher in a traditional school would do. You might want to create a story for yourself and for the teacher that you are. For example, you might be a substitute that has been called in to handle the rowdiest boys in the school. As a result, you might need to employ new methods of punishment that the school board doesn’t know about – but that are highly effective. Or you might be the new teacher who has the hots for a student and they keep them after school to see if the student can follow their rules.

Rules To Be Broken

While this scene is designed to have rules broken, you need to create some rules for the classroom that will test the slave. You might want to write all of these rules on a blackboard and allow the slave to view them for a few minutes to get them all in their head. Then, erase the rules and see if your slave can still follow your commands. You can even make things more difficult by binding their hands or feet to see if they are still doing all they can to follow the rules you have set forth as their new teacher.

The Detention Punishments

Of course, the slave isn’t going to be perfect and that means they need to be punished. A great punishment tool to use is a common yardstick for a heck of a spanking. This piece of wood is bendable, so it’s going to leave some lovely welts and it’s going to take a lot of use, so you can continue to smack the slave all over their body until they get the lesson down. You can also use a ruler as a gag, placing it in their mouth to keep their mouth open and then tie it or tape it into place. Or you can use a clean blackboard eraser as a gag, in the same fashion. You can also have a slave bound up with these ruler accouterments and then have them write things on the blackboard – I will not be a lazy slave. Think about ways to humiliate them with things they have to write on paper as well, over and over, perfectly, until you are satisfied with their work.

Think about ways that you can take common school room things and turn them into training tools or torture tools. This is going to make your slave wonder whether they can ever trust everyday objects when they’re in the same room as them.

The teacher Mistress is one that is hard to please, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, when the slave begins to realize that they are a student, that’s when they begin to learn the most. What can you teach your slave today?


Mistress Brianne


Master Bishop


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  1. Oh my i’m panting. Immediately after reading this i printed it and placed it in the night stand in Master’s bedroom. i can’t wait for O/our next discussion on scenes to present it to Him for consideration.

    Thank You Mistress Brianne
    Thank You Master Bishop

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