Dealing with Resistance to Slave Training

I know it sounds shocking that a slave would resist
but it does happen. This is an important lesson for a Dominant and
submissive to understand:

Though the question of whether or not punishment is an effective
way to deal with resistance to slave training, the answer of just
how to deal with slave training resistance is somewhat unclear.
But what is clear is the idea that resistance to slave training is
something you need to address as quickly as possible in your slave
and Master relationship.

While you might find it cute that a slave is being disobedient…at
first, the fact of the matter is that this willful disobedience
isn’t getting you or your slave anywhere. If you are truly looking
to create a relationship in which your slave submits to you, you
need to be ready to nip this kind of disobedience in the bud as
soon as possible – otherwise, you might have a relationship on your
hands that doesn’t satisfy either of you.

When a slave is resistant to training, it’s not just the fault of
the slave; it’s also the fault of the Master. If you haven’t
clearly outlined what you want from them and how you want certain
things to be done, they may not be resistant to the training – but
just unclear as to your expectations. Resistance truly is a two
way street in a BDSM relationship, so it needs to be addressed on
both sides.

From the side of the Master, you need to create a clear set of
instructions that have been explained to your slave and that they
are fully aware they are responsible for. Of course, if this list
is quite long, they can not be expected to learn them all at once –
but they should know what is expected of them as your time together
goes on. There should also be a clear set of punishments and
outcomes for whenever they have not met your expectations.

The Master in charge needs to know this list explicitly. You need
to be sure that you can hold your slave up to each of the
expectations, so that means you need to know what is on that list
verbatim. If you don’t know what you should instruct your slave,
but your slave does, it can set the tone for resistance.

If you have clearly laid out the instructions for your slave and
they still resist, they need to realize that there will be
penalties. What these are can be between the two of you, but they
need to be dealt out as soon as possible. Any lag times in the
punishment for the ‘crime’ will denigrate the slave training you
have started. The punishment must also be fitting for the mistakes
they have made in order to show what the offenses mean to their
relationship with you and your training setup.

In the end, you might need to deal with constant resistance in one
way – by letting the slave out of your relationship. This might
seem like a harsh move, but when you are constantly expending
energy to try to train and mold a slave without any results, this
is simply not worth your time or their time either.
What you need to recognize is that resistance in slave training can
be the fault of both the slave and the Master, so it should be
approached from both directions. The Master has a responsibility
to let the slave know about their responsibilities and the slave
has a responsibility to act as instructed.

While the end of a slave and Master relationship is the last
resort, it sometimes is better than having to try to train a slave
that is simply unwilling to hold up their end of your contract

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Master Bishop
Mistress Sophia

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