Why Speaking Sweetly Can Make Your Sub Cringe

Your sub, by now, knows about your mean voice and it probably makes him cringe. He doesn’t know what it might be saying, but he knows he’s in for something terrible. When you start to create a long-term BDSM relationship, it’s easy to fall into patterns that work for you. And when you’re training your slave, being mean is often a great way to make sure that he listens. But you need to switch things up – by talking sweetly.

More Flies with Honey?

When you think about it, you already know that talking sweetly to others will get you what you want. Though you might try to be mean in your everyday life, that just doesn’t work as well outside of the dungeon. Instead, you need to be nice, but not so nice that you’re a pushover. When you are with your slave and you tell him naughty and horrible things in a sweet voice, he will still get the message. Notice how he shivers a bit because you sound like you’re sweet, even harmless, but the content of what you’re saying is going to cause him to be at your feet. He knows that you could turn in an instant, and that keeps him on his toes.

Keeping Your Words the Same

Yes, when you’re changing the way that you talk to your slave, remember that content is more important than ever. You need to keep up the humiliation, the taunting, and the names that you call your slave. When you do this, you will ensure that he listens because he’s not expecting to hear any of that. He might be thinking that you’re finally going to treat him like a true equal, or some other crazy thought. Instead, you need to continue talking to him, training him, and you’ll notice that he’s not as painful during training sessions where he just seems to ache for punishment. Instead, he listens to you because he knows that you’re still focused on making him the best slave possible.

Never Be the Same Person Twice

You can start talking sweetly without any introduction. Keep your voice light and feminine, if possible, and talk about things without yelling once during a training session. Not only will this shift training for your slave, but you will also notice that you’re not going to be as overwhelmed by the sessions either. You’re going to stay cool and collected, allowing your slave to have the best possible training. Your head will be in the game and you will stay detached, to a certain extent, because you’re not raising your voice and getting more heated (and exhausted) than you need to be.

Speaking sweetly may not seem like the meanest toy in your dungeon, but it’s essential when you have a slave that has grown accustomed to the way that you usually do things. By merely talking without any anger or intensity, you will make your slave realize that you are always their Mistress, no matter what you might sound like. They will begin to learn that you are the one that is in charge, even when you’re not upset with them. Sometimes, you need to catch a slave with a honey voice, one that makes them wonder when you might turn on the anger again. The anticipation of being afraid of you will only make them more nervous about what you’re going to do next. And that’s the mindset your slave should have as they are training. They’re yours to control because they are only looking to you for guidance.


Mistress Sophia


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