Giving Your Sub the Apron Treatment

Service – it’s what your slave should be doing for you every moment that you ask. While you might not be able to think of new things for them to do all the time, it’s a good idea to train your slave in how to serve his Mistress, should the need arise. Whether they are a house slave or a traditional slave, you need to ensure they are always ready and waiting for your commands, even if it just means they need to polish your boots or cook you a nutritious dinner.

Put the Apron on Your Slave

You might want to have a scene in which your slave is told they need to earn the privilege of having to wear an apron. Once they perform well during this scene, they will be given the opportunity to serve you whenever you need them to. You might punish the slave, have them perform certain tasks, or have them simply promise to service you to the best of their ability. You need to make sure the slave knows that this is an honor to be asked and a privilege that might be taken away. Present the slave with a list of things they might be asked to do for you and have them review it to see if they have any questions.

A Trial Service Period

You might want to test your slave to make sure they are ready to serve you. Have them put on the apron during a time that you choose and then test them on the list of items they were told to expect. During this time, you will instruct them on how YOU like things done and what this means for their service going forward. While this might not be a heavy BDSM scene, it will be a scene in which your slave will be tested on how well they can serve you and what they will do as a part of putting on the apron. Whenever the apron is on (the frillier, the better), they are going to be responsible for serving you. When you take the apron back, it’s time for their heavier BDSM training.

The Long-Term Service Plan

If you find that your slave can perform admirably in their service position, it is a good idea to test them over a longer period of time or assign them daily tasks that will ensure they are always serving you in some way. Let them know that the more you trust them to take on, the more they will take on for you. Remind them that they are making your life easier and that this is just as much a part of the training as any other part. You will want to test them on their dedication by asking them to perform tasks that seem menial or that seem impossible as well. Even if they can’t do everything perfectly, the more that they begin to serve you, the more they will begin to be valuable slaves.

Giving your slave the apron treatment may not happen early on in the training, but it should happen as time goes on. If you currently have a slave that does not seem to fit this duty, then you might want to hire on an additional slave who can. Plus, it never hurts to have a little friendly competition between the slaves that you have on your staff. The Mistress needs the best help she can get, and if one person can’t do it, why not an army of slaves to be at her beck and call?


Mistress Brianne

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