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Do You Want To Know What Naughty Boys And Girls Really Want For Christmas?



…Its More Then A Lump Of Coal


BDSM Ideas For Christmas

Just because Santa only gives gifts to good girls and boys, does not mean you can’t reward your partner with something special for being extra naughty this past year.

Here are just a few of My favorite BDSM toys for all the girls and boys:

1) A Festive Collar To Match A sub’s Christmas Outfits
Submissive Training Collar Nothing says Christmas Celebration, like a submissive serving drinks and appetizers while wearing a submissive training collar. BDSM Submissive Collars

2) Instead of hanging a stocking from the chimney with care
Slave Waiting For Her Flogging

Try hanging a flogger or a cane from the chimney instead. You are bound to get more festive cheer from these items. Paddles And Floggers And Canes Oh My

3) Nothing Says I Care Like A Set Of Super Comfortable, Yet Extremely Restrictive Bondage Cuffs
Bondage Cuff SetYou can cuff your partner to your Christmas tree, and enjoy them as your favorite decoration. Bondage Cuff Sets

Due to the popularity of the collars, floggers, canes and cuffs, its hard for U/us to keep sufficient stock and since each of these items is handmade it takes over a month to be resupplied. If you are looking for a gift for Christmas, its better to order these items now and ensure W/we still have it in stock.

4) Don’t Have Anything Sexy And Festive To Wear
Cherry Christmas CorsetTry finding something that will match your new collar. Show Santa how naughty you can really be! BDSM Lingerie

5) Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Christmas season
Blindfold Ball GagAfter wearing a blindfold and gag for a few hours, a sub is bound to learn what a truly special gift sight and sound really is. BDSM Gags

These are just a few of My favorite things that I like to have around the house to ensure that everybody is in the Festive Spirit.

To add more items to your Christmas wish list go to the BDSMToyShop.com

Wishing Everyone A Happy Holiday,

Master Bishop
& The BDSM Training Academy

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