Sit On My Face And Tell Me It’s Now Illegal

Face-sitting Protestors expressing their right to free expression (Picture: EPA)

The United Kingdom has a population of 63 million people.  Of that population, 27 million purchased the book “Fifty Shades Of Grey”  A book where the two main characters take part in BDSM and other kinky activities involved in the lifestyle.  Lets really look at that, roughly 43% of the UK’s population enjoys, is interested in or is fascinated with BDSM.

Not only is Fifty Shades Of Grey the fastest selling book, it has out sold all seven of the Harry Potter books.  I’m not saying all those people who purchased the book live a BDSM related lifestyle, but clearly there is some kind of interest or fascination for all those people to purchase a book about BDSM as quickly as they have.  That had to be said so the rest can be fully understood

The British government, a body that is supposed to represent the interests of the people, has passed a law banning many BDSM related fetishes from pornography in the UK.   Some of the fetishes being banned include:

  • Urination – This is in recharges to a sexual context and even includes female ejaculation. This means men are allowed to orgasm and ejaculate on film, but women are not.
  • Spanking and any form of impact play
  • Name calling is not allowed
  • Face-sitting and bondage have also been deemed inappropriate

And the list doesn’t end there.

The fact that all of these acts are being performed by consenting adults within the porn industry, is of little to no concern to the British government.  It would seem that the British government is ignoring  that the people doing it are agreeing to it and that obviously a large portion of the population is interested in it.

This is why a group of Sexual Freedom Activists decided to have a “Face-Sitting” protest outside of the Westminster Parliament.  They just wanted to show the government how ridiculous the new laws truly are.  What I have noticed is that none of the newspapers that reported and took visual images of these acts have not been arrested.  As the acts themselves are not illegal but the recording and publishing these acts in the UK is illegal.

I guess this also makes the Monty Python’s song “Sit On My Face” an illegal song to perform.

Technically it doesn’t stop anybody from the UK from obtaining this kind of material online from other countries and it doesn’t stop people from enjoying them in their personal life. All these laws do is stop the production of this kind of material from being produced in the UK.

How do you feel about these new laws being passed in the UK?  Do you care, do you not care, do you feel this is a trend other governments might follow?  What are your thoughts?




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