Dominant/submissive Relationship (D/s)

The idea of a D/s relationship is generally referred to as a dominant and submissive relationship. This is where one person is dominated by another, whether physically, emotionally, and/or sexually.

What you need to know about D/s is that it’s merely the idea that one person is calling the shots in a predefined and agreed upon way. This could mean that the Dominant has decision making power for one full night, only during a scene or perhaps on the weekend. How much power and when the Dominant can use that power is based upon what both the Dominant and submissive agree too. One of the great parts about BDSM is that power can be changed as needed or wanted by a person, so long as everyone agrees.

And while it might seem confusing to those on the ‘outside’ of the BDSM world, it’s a refreshing way to approach relationships once you understand the way things work.

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1 thought on “Dominant/submissive Relationship (D/s)”

  1. I’m Fairly new to the BDSM Lifestyle As I’ve only been in it for about 10yrs now But I’ve yet to experience any Of The Aspects of A Real D/s Relationship….I Hope with this out there It May put me in touch With Ppl who can help me to Grow Learn and Evolve Into the True Submissive I long To Be…

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