Abrasion Play

Is a activity used to stimulate and sensitize a person’s skin.  This can be performed gently to create a mild sensation and help to sensitize the skin with an item like a hairbrush. With some mild rubbing from a hairbrush, a spank, a gentle touch, even a light blow of your breath can become heightened.

Skin on skin rubbing can be used to create an irritating effect on the skin also referred to as a dutch rub or rope burn.

More abrasive items can be used including scrub brushes, emery boards, kitchen scrub pads, steel wool and/or sandpaper. However, it must be made clear the more abrasive and harder the abrasion play an individual takes part in the more likely that marks will be created, and skin can be broken.

A person’s skin is their first line of defense against infection and blood has the potential to transmit disease.  All wounds must be properly treated and all precautions must be taken to avoid the risk of HIV and other STDs during such play.  Always keep SSC at the forefront of your mind.

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