The Night Before Christmas

Well its the night before Christmas and the submissives are definitely stirring inside their cages. So I just wanted to take this time to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. May all your dreams come true whether they are naughty or nice and hoping you and yours are well for the New Year. Happy Holidays From, Master Bishop, Mistress Sophia & the bdsm training team

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Is Bondage Really Necessary

When you read about BDSM, it’s hard not to think about bondage, ropes, cuffs etc. But for many people who want to have a Master or a Mistress, or who want to have a slave, it becomes a concern. After all, is bondage really necessary in a BDSM relationship? While it’s true that the ‘B’ seems to indicate this to be the case, all relationships

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Happy Halloween

Its always nice to have a day when everybody can let loose and express their kinky side that has remained dormant all year. Of course if you’re involved in the lifestyle then you don’t need to wait for Halloween to dress up in your finest kink. It doesn’t mean that W/we can’t enjoy it just like everybody else. So be naughty, play a few tricks

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A Valentine’s Day Special

Since Valentine’s day is coming I felt like helping everybodyexperience more love in their lives. Love with more of a kinkytwist I mean. Is that not what W/we are all searching for in someway or another to feel loved and appreciated with some kinkadded in to make you feel alive? I have some good news: * W/we have just added 5 brand new videos to

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A Kinky Suprise For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming upon U/us. Whether you’re a romantic or a kinkster at heart this is a day of passion, pleasure and maybe even a little pain…if you’re lucky. If you’re looking for something nice to show your partner you care or just looking for something to show them you’re ready to heat things up in your play. Lady Scandalous has found that there

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Happy New Year

I just wanted to take this time and wish everyone a happy new year. 09 is definitely going to be bring some changes but hopefully most of the changes will be for the better. I know that W/we at the BDSM training academy had a very tough year in 08, but W/we also got some new additions to the team. In the end everything worked

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Naughty Or Nice

Christmas is upon us and Santa Claus is checking his list to see who has been naughty and nice. Nothing rings in the holidays better then decking the dungeon with whips and clamps. There is no finer gift then receiving the obedient servitude of a loyal submissive. Nicely wrapped up with only a collar around their neck as they kneel patiently under the Christmas tree

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