Urolagnia or Urophilia is the sexual arousal and/or pleasure from the thought, sight, feel and/or smell of urine.

As you can see from the technical descriptors there can be many different fetishes and activities associated within what is commonly referred to as “WaterSports” in BDSM circles.

Some people who are into watersports are also intrigued by if not interested in urinating in front of others and/or drinking or bathing in urine. Others only need the smell of urine to get turned on while still others enjoy the concept of wetting their bed or wearing a diaper.

In some BDSM scenarios it is pee play has been used to humiliate a slave by denying access to a bathroom and forcing incontinence and then even pouring the urine over them or making them drink it.

The terms associated with this fetish include:

BDSM WaterSports Golden Shower

“Drinking” of urine is not really hazardous so long as it is not swallowed, and normally is okay even then in small quantities although it is high in sodium and other waste materials. Never drink the first urination of the day.

In the middle ages the upper class used to drink urine for the teeth-whitening properties the uric acid and ammonia had. Many alternative medicine practices today still insist there are even health benefits to drinking some urine in certain cases.


You may want to save golden showers for the bathroom or other area with easily cleaned floors. This will just make things less messy and much more fun.

You can use golden showers as a punishment for slaves that enjoy being humiliated and ‘made’ to wear the urine on their body or made to hold urine in their mouths.

This is also a good activity for a restricted slave that can not move out of the way of the urine as it hits them, creating a subservient toilet for the Dom/me, further objectifying them and making them a thing that is owned.

Example of Soiling

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