Brats are often misunderstood in the BDSM community. They are submissives, usually masochist, who find thrill in being put in their place. They find loopholes in rules, and deliberately break rules, but only for their Dominant’s pleasure. Their Dominants are usually sadist who enjoy punishing their submissives, but for more minor infractions. A true brat does obey at times, and only breaks minor rules which do not disrespect or dishonor their Dominant. They also know the time and place where bratting is appropriate, and when it is not appropriate.

Characteristics of brats

Each brat is unique, just like each submissive is unique, so it is important you get to know your brat, and negotiate the how, where, and when bratting can occur.

Some things to discuss with your brat

Brats can be truly amazing submissives, and definitely fun for the right Dominant. Make sure you have the patience to deal with their playful disobedience, and the firmness to teach them bratting from disobedience.

Bratty Ann

By Bratty Ann

Bratty Ann has been in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle for 4 years serving as a slave, a pet, a submissive, and, of course, a brat. She has developed a deep passion for the lifestyle and for educating others on keeping it safe, sane, and consensual. Her favorite topics to educate on include domestic discipline, taming brats, and mental health in BDSM.

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