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How to Enforce Chastity Rules

If you’re a Master/Mistress that wants to make sure your slave only hungers for you, then you may want to try out some chastity training. But how can you be sure that your slave is following your commands when you’re not around? How to enforce chastity with your submissive? First of all, if there is any doubt about the trust in your relationship, this might […]

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Orgasm Control Training: They Can’t Resist

Like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit (or at least that worksin cartoons), using orgasm control training in your slave trainingrelationship can be highly effective. By teaching your slave whenthey can and can not orgasm, you will be able to control their mindas well as their body for your personal pleasure. The problem most people have with orgasm control training is thatthey often

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