Want a Full Time Slave But Worried about the Responsibility?

Many Masters might look to be confident about their roles, but when it comes to being good at what they do, they can worry just as much as anyone else. And with good reason. Training someone else is hard work and it takes a lot of focused commitment. When a Master is thinking about taking on a new slave, especially full time, they should give it a lot of thought before they decide to say yes. Asking these sorts of questions now will not only help to assess the readiness of a Master, but also of the slave. Sometimes the fantasy isn’t always the same as the reality of being a Master who trains a slave full time.

The Truth about a Slave

Having a full time slave sounds like lot of fun, but it’s not as easy or as sexy as the fantasies and porn movies make it look. Just like any relationship, it will be hard work and it will be tiring at times. In order to make sure that you are ready for the responsibilities of a slave, you need to remember that this will become your life:

  • You will need to create training plans – You can’t just take on a slave and order her around. While this is certainly a part of the process, you also need to have certain goals in mind when you are training. This will help you to make sure that she is progressing and that you are doing something that is effective.
  • You will need to adjust training plans – If your slave doesn’t seem to be improving, you need to be ready to change the training plan. This means you need to be observant and that you need to be ready to adjust things when they’re just not working.
  • You will need to be ready to punish and to praise – Being ready to punish and to praise is another big part of your role as a full time Master. If you’re not on top of things, your slave’s training will suffer.
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    How to Prepare

    You can prepare yourself to be a full time Master by doing several things before the slave comes into your home.

  • Let others know – You need to let others in your life know about the new relationship, even if you don’t tell them the specifics. They need to know they can expect to see this new person in your life.
  • Create a contract – With your slave, sit down and make a contract that will help to outline what you will both do as a part of the agreement.
  • Talk with the slave about expectations – You need to talk with your slave about what they are expecting and what you are expecting as well. Make sure you both understand there is a difference between fantasy and reality. This experience will be hard at times, its not going to be rainbows and unicorns all the time
  • Realize that you will probably both have different expectations and while this is normal, you both need to realize what limitations you might have in your relationship.

    Try a Trial Period

    It can help to have a trial period in which the Master takes on the slave for about a week. This will give you both enough time to figure out if things are working or if they aren’t going to work out. While you might be able to revisit the arrangement at a later time, when you both have more experience and different obligations, a trial period is the best way to see the reality of the training arrangement.

    If you are a Master who is just starting to learn how to dominate others, it might be a better idea to stay away from a full time relationship now. Learn the basics and take on a few slaves before you choose the one to serve you full time. Understand what you need to do within a Dom sub Relationship.


    Master Bishop


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