Cleaning House Just the Way Mistress Likes It

Serving your Mistress is what you desire as a slave. No matter what your Mistress wants, you feel that need to please her – without question.

But sometimes Mistress doesn’t need you to lick her boots or crawl on the floor. Often, a Mistress who has a number of slaves or other responsibilities need a few mundane tasks taken care of when they are busy. And as the slave, you may very well be asked to take care of these errands and chores, all to please your Mistress.

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All forms of BDSM are based on Negotiated Mutual Consent by all people involved. Meaning if you have not negotiated and consented to the following activities then you should not be taking part in these activities.

No one should ever be forced to do anything they do not want to do or are uncomfortable with. So remember that consent can be withdrawn at any point (even during a scene) and re-negotiated at any time.

Why Cleaning Can Be Good For Your Training

Just as with anyone who delegates chores to someone else, when your Mistress asks you to do work for her, you are not only showing that you are willing to obey, but you are also showing that you understand she needs your help.

As a slave, you are committed to helping your Mistress in any way you can, no matter what it might be. Cleaning is good training because it is easy to measure, easy to delegate, and the work is really never done, is it? A Mistress can have you clean her home for hours and if you clean it well enough, who knows what sorts of rewards she might have in store for her?

How to Do Your Best for the Mistress

Of course, cleaning the house or apartment well is the key to your success as a slave. If you’re doing a good job, you can expect to have your Mistress’ attention, but if not, you might find yourself in the punishment position more often than you like. In order to be the best cleaning slave possible, you need to make sure you know how your Mistress likes her home cleaned. She might guide you through her home, giving you instructions on what to do and how to do it well. You will want to make sure you are listening when the Mistress is speaking, taking notes if possible to ensure no task is left undone. If your Mistress doesn’t give you clear instructions, a good idea is to look at where she keeps her cleaning supplies. This will help you to see what she uses (or tells other slave to use) and from there you can deduce what cleaning steps need to be taken.

Special Ways to Please Your Mistress

The best plan for cleaning your Mistress’ home is to start with one room at a time. Since the kitchen and bathrooms tend to be the most in need of attention, those are good places to start. You want to start by cleaning the areas which get the most use – sinks, counters, etc. Then, you will want to move to the mirrors and other surfaces which might have collected dust. From there, move to the more complicated areas, like stoves, toilets, etc. Once all of the surfaces have been cleaned, then you can vacuum or clean the floors to finish the work.

A nice spray of a pleasing scent or lighting a scented candle when you are done adds a nice touch too, assuming your Mistress enjoys the scent you have selected. You might also want to open up the windows to add a warm breeze to the home, if the Mistress enjoys this.

Some Mistresses will also want their slaves to clean up the dungeon area, so this might become your responsibility as well. Cleaning all of the surfaces as well as all of the sex toys are the main duties of this task, but changing the sheets and setting up for the next scene might also be helpful for your Mistress, if she commands you to do so.

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