Did Santa Screw You Over The Holidays

I’m sure you wrote out your letter to Santa explaining how nice you had been throughout the year. Of course leaving out all the naughty activities you enjoy partaking in. Sadly, Santa Claus is much harder to fool then you can imagine. This could be the only reason why you didn’t get what you really wanted for the holidays.

Well as much as I would like to put all the blame on Santa, many times W/we just don’t ask for the gifts that W/we really want. Especially when it comes to a nice new flogger or cuffs. Now that the holidays are over, you can stop waiting for someone else to get you what you want. No more exchanging ugly sweaters that luckily don’t fit, storing another useless kitchen apparatus then never works right and hiding junk that you never asked for. Instead, you can get yourself exactly what you desire.

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