Subspace Is Not A Dream, It’s An Experience

If you ask ten different slaves what subspace is, chances are good that you will get ten different answers. And that’s because subspace is truly an individual experience that can be created through slave training, but is hard to define.

One of the main concerns with subspace is that because the definition is so vague, it’s hard to tell when and if it actually occurs. Some people believe it’s a physical response, while others think that it’s an emotional change. In any case, sometimes hindering yourself with such a definition can cause more problems with achieving this state.

Still others think that you have to have subspace in order to ‘win’ as a Dominant, but this is not the case. Though you do want to create a feeling in your slave that they are moving out of the pain of punishment or the feeling that they are being objectified, just because they don’t hit this subspace ‘ideal’ doesn’t mean that the slave training has not worked or has not been successful.

Subspace is a collection of things, depending on who you ask. For some, it’s the sensation of being out of the body and away from the events that are going on. This detachment from the body causes the slave to be able to ‘take’ more pain and more verbal attacks from a Dominant, often also resulting in the slave complying with every wish without hesitation or without any resistance. The slave is sort of a ‘super slave’ at this point – able to do everything that their Dominant wishes of them.

Another idea is that subspace is the point at which the body begins to produce endorphins in order to fend off physical pain. This rush of chemicals in the body makes the slave feel good and allows them to forget about anything that might be uncomfortable. Their brains are telling them that all is right with the world. This feeling can continue from the scene into the moments and hours after the scene is over.

Whether subspace is purely an emotional reaction to a scene due to its intensity or a physical one, the obvious question is how you can use it in slave training situations. Not only does this mindset allow the slave to endure more from the Dominant, but it also feels good, so it’s clear that once you ‘give’ this to a slave during a scene, they will work actively to recreate that feeling. This might mean that they need the Dominant to continuously build the intensity of their work together or that they need to focus more on overcoming sensations that might not be pleasant at first in order to move into that subspace realm.

In any case, subspace is something that is worth trying to create in a scene. This can be done by preparations by both the Dominant and the slave. The Dominant can increase the chance of this situation by watching the reactions of the slave during a scene to see how much more they can take and when they are entering a different mindset. Once they have begun to enter subspace, they can then begin to push the scene further to enhance the training. The slave that wants to achieve subspace should be ready to work through any initial resistance to their training in order to move into this other space. This might mean mentally preparing themselves or simply breathing through pain that they might feel.

Subspace is something that may not be achieved by everyone, but since it is such a hot topic in BDSM, it’s obvious that it’s something that might be possible.


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3 thoughts on “Subspace Is Not A Dream, It’s An Experience”

  1. It was one rare moment when you say ‘Yeah, that’s it. That’s how I felt.’ Despite the physical and sensory assault, my mind was serene, placid. Severe punishment, tight bondage and sensory deprivation are the quickest BDSM paths for me to get there. But the aura, for lack of a better term, is like none other. I give of myself to Madame all the more for what she deigns to give to me.

  2. Mistress ARachnae

    I think a key to subspace is to look at the history of altered states of mind and/or body worldwide throughout many cultures, religious practices and lifestyles.
    People of the modern movement of ‘BDSM’ are not the first or last to experience this state, we are simply the first to call it ‘subspace’ as opposed to the myriad of other descriptive titles out there globally.

  3. I’d call it disassociation on a varying spectrum because even though you may be a willing participant in role you are in. Your body is timing out, switching down, turning off, your heart can be racing yet you’ll feel oddly calm, feel no pain, your brain is shutting down certain receptors and systems in the body because it’s starting to record a trauma and in this state you are incapable of making wise decisions about how much further to go.

    In psychology it is what happens to trauma victims (and I’m not against or wanting to offend and of the bdsm behaviour or surrender/submission it’s just wise for both D & S to be highly aware of this and realise it’s an altered state where damage can be done if limits are passed that have been previously set. So take extreme care to remind them who they are with, date, time, you care for them and don’t leave them. If they have any history of trauma they can be taken back to that original memory or just the tool of disassociation itself which will feel good at first, if you have an egotistical Dom who ignores this you will get hurt physically & emotionally. You will end up knowing what triggers you to get there.

    Lots of love & playsafe.

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