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Collar And Leash Play

Watch The Sub Crawl Many BDSM relationships focus on the power exchange between theDominant partner and the submissive partner. And what better wayto showcase this power structure than with collar and leash play? One of the problems you might be having with this kind of play isthat it seems like something that has become cliche and silly.But the idea of one person possessing someone else …

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A Valentine’s Day Special

Since Valentine’s day is coming I felt like helping everybodyexperience more love in their lives. Love with more of a kinkytwist I mean. Is that not what W/we are all searching for in someway or another to feel loved and appreciated with some kinkadded in to make you feel alive? I have some good news: * W/we have just added 5 brand new videos to …

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Humiliation and Your Slave Training

Humiliation is a favored way to begin to create the idea of controlin a Master and slave relationship, but that doesn’t mean itdoesn’t have its own specific ways to work well – and to not workwell for a relationship. By learning the techniques of humiliationas well as when to use it, you can use this as an effective slavetraining tool. The trick with humiliation is …

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Subspace Is Not A Dream, It’s An Experience

If you ask ten different slaves what subspace is, chances are good that you will get ten different answers. And that’s because subspace is truly an individual experience that can be created through slave training, but is hard to define. One of the main concerns with subspace is that because the definition is so vague, it’s hard to tell when and if it actually occurs. …

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A Kinky Suprise For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming upon U/us. Whether you’re a romantic or a kinkster at heart this is a day of passion, pleasure and maybe even a little pain…if you’re lucky. If you’re looking for something nice to show your partner you care or just looking for something to show them you’re ready to heat things up in your play. Lady Scandalous has found that there …

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The Keys To Role Play

How To Get The Most Out Of A Role Play Scene Role playing can be an amazing way to turn up the intensity of anysexual relationship, but even more so in a bdsm partnership. Whenyou add the element of role playing, you can further create a senseof authority and control in a scene. But there are good ways to dothis and bad ways to do …

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Happy New Year

I just wanted to take this time and wish everyone a happy new year. 09 is definitely going to be bring some changes but hopefully most of the changes will be for the better. I know that W/we at the BDSM training academy had a very tough year in 08, but W/we also got some new additions to the team. In the end everything worked …

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Don’t Make This Punishment Mistake

When you’re actively looking to train a slave as a part of yourlife, you need to be wary of ‘experts’ that speak of punishment asthe ultimate way to control a slave and to have them do what youask of them. Punishment has many other uses in your slave traininglife that you will want to consider. The problem with punishment and slave training is that it …

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