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So You Want To Own A Pet BDSM

So You Want To Own A Pet

You are now the proud Owner of a pet… so now what? There are so many possibilities to take any aspect you desire to new deeper, more meaningful places. Explore new unknown territory or expand on familiar grounds. What will you do? Rules. Rituals. Rewards.What separates kitten from a girlfriend.What I desire most in my life.Why I need the lifestyle. Common Basic Needs to Begin […]

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Annabelle Genovisi As Kitten In Pet Play

Introducing Your Pet To Your Dynamic

Before you can partake in your pet play proclivities, you need to properly introduce your pet into your dynamic. It is never a good idea to show up in full pet costume, growling on all fours as you fight the bottom of their pant leg. This can be shocking even to the most experienced kinkster.  So to potential avoid rejection and/or hurt feelings on both

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Intro To Pet Play In BDSM

Intro To Pet Play In BDSM

Pet play or Animal Roleplay is way more common than one may think, especially these days where many fetishes that used to be considered taboo are becoming much more commonly accepted.

If you have ever felt that flutter at the idea of becoming a four legged ball of fun, but don’t know how to start or really know what to do or how to incorporate this into your life, here is some shared perspective that hopefully will help you along your journey!

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