Annabelle Genovisi As Kitten In Pet Play

Introducing Your Pet To Your Dynamic

Before you can partake in your pet play proclivities, you need to properly introduce your pet into your dynamic. It is never a good idea to show up in full pet costume, growling on all fours as you fight the bottom of their pant leg. This can be shocking even to the most experienced kinkster. 

So to potential avoid rejection and/or hurt feelings on both sides make sure you clearly communicate and negotiate your desires. To be able to do that you need to know what those are yourself.

Research research research! When it’s convenient and safe, read some articles online (like Intro To Pet Play In BDSM) and gather information about pet play and the type of pet you want to be. Read! Watch videos! Search wardrobe! It is amazing what is out there for you to explore! Collect information and educate yourself so you can effectively communicate to your Dominant what you seek- especially if they are not familiar with pet play.

Write a fun story, buy a cute accessory, or sharing your favorite videos and articles are sure ways to be positively proactive about introducing pet play to your dynamic! Slowly introduce a new partner to pet play with baby steps, so they can better understand you, your desires and how they can fit into it.

Choosing which features of pet play are most appealing will determine how this begins to translate to your life, publicly or privately.

I was overtly proud of earning my first Collar and wore it everywhere- it was a medium sized bright shiny silver dog tension collar. Fit me like a glove. Adored the marks it made on my neck. Cats are very stealthy, I began speaking less and using my body and face more to communicate.

Highly effective by the way!

I also realized I thoroughly enjoyed hard difficult training challenges- like learning High Protocol

Going from a very social extrovert to a very quiet introvert in social situations was an experience! No eye contact, no speaking unless spoken to and even then only to my Dominant, learning how to properly present his drinks or cut his food, and even watching for hand signals to come, stay, sit, heel or assume one of the submissive stances we had practiced- kneeling, bowing, footrest or standing inspection. No questions asked!

The idea of being put on voice restriction, and having to express myself properly without words, is what ultimately made kitten emerge effortlessly.

Sitting at my Owner’s feet felt natural, sliding around his ankles after putting on his shoes and socks, felt natural. Purring loudly and clawing at his skin when I was happy and pleased …all these things were second nature. I have a large metal crate that is my safest place, needing to be filled with a soft bed and my blankie and stuffies, as well as some toys and a food/water dish in case left inside.

My ears and tail plugs are the way I can truly connect with kitten and I love adorning my body with them. Curling up on the floor at His feet or under His feet is where I am happiest. Wearing all of the soft fluffy fur and pretty outfits helps me not feel like a tired old mom! Let go and disconnect from reality!

That’s how pet play should feel! Natural. Yet surreal and safe.

So decide- what type of pet will you be? Do you want to be an adorable sweet bunny with a fluffy ball tail and floppy ears? Do you want to be a rambunctious puppy who gets into everything and needs discipline? Would it suit you to be a stunning pony with glorious tail and harness? Or does the idea of being surrounded and covered in fluffy fur with a beautiful Collar around your neck make you most happy like me? That’s the beauty of this world we create with our Dominant- it’s completely up to Us to make Our rules. Once you determine which animal you feel most connected to and what type of dynamic you wish to create and explore, the fun of creating your pet, training and interacting begins!

Find wardrobe that makes you feel amazing!

Name your pet if it helps them separate pet play from normal play!

Study the animal you connect most with and focus on its positive features and characteristics.

Begin to feel it inside, let that feeling grow to your comfort level. With this aspect of play, the possibilities are truly endless!

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How To Involve Your Dominant To Help with Your Pet Discovery

Involve your Dominant as much as possible so they understand what you seek from this headspace. Do you need play time? Do you need more discipline? Do you seek training? Do you require eye contact and voice restriction? Will you play fetch? Will you desire a crate, water bowl and food dish? Which types of ways do you wish to interact, emotionally, sexually or both? This is where you have to communicate as clearly and honestly as possible. Do not ever expect anyone to know what you need if you are not sure what you need. Period.

For me personally, if I haven’t spent much time with my Owner, or if I have a day where I just want to crawl into a corner and hide- I need pet play. Hiding isn’t healthy and I want to share my true emotions with my Dominant always. If I miss him and need to play and be trained, I usually present him with one of my tails and ears at his feet when I know we have time together or I tell him directly, I need to feel closer to him and request pet play time specifically.

If it is the latter and I want to crawl into a hole, that is a little more tricky because I have to be willing to admit I cannot serve to the best of my ability at that moment and I need my Daddy to make everything be ok. I become withdrawn and don’t want to interact, which to my Owners is a huge red flag. My disposition changes drastically when I am stressed and on those days, I rely on my Owner to recognize I need help and tell me we are going to engage in pet play, though it won’t be playing and training, it will be cuddling and snuggling. No talking, allowed on the furniture, lying on his lap as he strokes my tail and scratches my ears telling me it will be ok.

Usually pet play ends in a natural way…either training is over, we are spent from cumming multiple times, or I have called red because our play was so intense. In that aspect, pet play is just like any other scene. It is ended when it is ended. There is no rule or stipulation; it’s totally up to you to decide. Removing my tail and ears always makes me pout slightly! I know kitten isn’t far gone though.

The biggest difference between my submissive side and my pet side is as a submissive, I strive to do everything I can to serve my Owner to the absolute best of my ability at all times; as a pet, I still strive to please him, however kitten needs her Daddy to play back and take care of me at times by training me, dressing me or simply holding me. It’s not all about my Dominant when I am a pet- it is more about Us being together.

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Pet Play Is My Release From It All

Annabelle Genovisi Kitten Tail In Pet PlayIn a life where nothing really makes a lot of sense, pet play can be a beautiful simple way to engage and let go. It’s not just simple role play, like some other games. Being a pet should be part of you and something you relate to. I seek the safety of kitten because during my real life, I have to be talkative, I have to be a leader and I have to take control of situations because that’s what my life calls for and demands. To be able to be somewhere, tucked away with my Dominant, somewhere safe… knowing that I no longer have to speak, to lead, to be in control…I simply have to be sweet, be playful, be obedient and adorable…to have that release is absolutely incredibly priceless!

Pet play can add another level to your submission if you truly take on and own the concept. Maybe as a submissive you’re always one way but deep down you wish to explore another way. Maybe you are seeking ways to grow and bond with your Dominant on another level. Maybe you just want an excuse to put a bone in your mouth and chase a teddy bear across the room! It’s completely up to you! There is no right or proper way to go about it. Discuss it openly and find which path feels right for you and your Dominant to enjoy together.

Perhaps your Dominant wants to see you be more dominant and uses pet play to let you explore another submissive. Perhaps you just really enjoy having tail plugs slid deep in your ass as you have your ears scratched. Or perhaps the idea of showing your Dominant you seek higher levels of training to serve him better makes you wet as it does with me!

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Stay Safe

Just remember not to do anything that isn’t comfortable and even if you think something sounds fun- if it isn’t, then say something and be honest. That’s the beauty of exploring pet play. Finding out what works best for everyone involved.

A pet is not a toy one gets and puts in the play room to forget. We are not floggers, we are not rope and we are not to be left and forgotten about. A toy is a toy. A pet is a pet.

Though we love being played with, we cannot be the best we can be without the attention and affection of our Owner, and they realize that. They also realize that they are not their best, without us, their loving, devoted pet by their side. It is a yin/yang dynamic, a complete exchange of power, yet the Owner knows they lead.

I believe being a pet is one of the highest honors and cherished gifts I can share with my Owner. As a kitten, it is my job to always be kind, caring, playful and supportive. Though I am submitting to my Owner, I am not a slave. He understands that and always pushes but never crosses my limits. I want my Owner to be proud I wear His Collar. As a pet I am kept in highest regards because of the gifts I am sharing with him: my mind, my body, my submission as well as my attention, devotion and trust, on another level besides simply serving him.

To me, it is easy to learn to serve. It was way more difficult for me to “bare my belly”, and serve myself and admit my needs. My first sadistic Owner did not show me kindness or warmth all the time. Maybe you have a Dominant who naturally treats you in such a manner. I was simply not that blessed back when I was beginning my journey. So to me, Serving was graded. It was criticized. It was belittled at times. I was punished harshly for mistakes and I was shown the same treatment when I did well, because ultimately my pain and suffering was his delight.

Discovering kitten and wearing his ears taught me my level of devotion ran deeply almost to a fault. By literally rolling over and baring my belly, I wasn’t just bringing him his dinner or sitting in a position he had taught me. I gave up my voice to interact with him. I wore my collar despite a punishment for nothing that left me scarred for years inside and out. By being that devoted, that open to learning High Protocol, that trusting to give up my safe word- which I will never do again- I felt more connected with him than I did when I was just serving him. As his pet I learned more about what he wanted. In the process learned more about myself as well, my needs and requirements.

The beauty of this dynamic lies within the joy a pet can bring to a Dominant’s life! Just like a pet in real life…your puppy will be there with your slippers in their mouth when you get home, your kitten will be ready to slide against your ankles and purr the stress away from your day in your ear and nuzzle into your chest, bunnies love to jump into their Owners arms and ponies love excitedly prancing around and whinnying playfully when they see you! Submissive pets are like the ultimate two for one treasure!

No whining, no complaining, and even on our worst days, we just need your affection and attention to make us feel safe and secure again. Pets don’t ever complain about their days and they always listen and care. We may not be able to tie shoes or carry a dish, but if you train us, we can without words, become your best friend and sleep at your feet, or under your bed in a crate. We can bring a sense of peace and a deeper sense of control and adoration when appreciated and groomed properly.

I am not just another female in His life to fuck, and He is not just a Dominant in mine…

He is my Owner…and i am His kitten.

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By Annabelle Genovisi

Beginning her journey as a talented fetish model over 15 years ago, Annabelle began her trip down the rabbit hole and has been playing in Wonderland since! With extensive experience as both a collared trained submissive, and an Owner of her own collared trained puppy, she absolutely adores everything the lifestyle has to offer and nothing brings her joy like sharing her knowledge with others to help them along their own path!

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