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Dealing with Resistance to Slave Training

I know it sounds shocking that a slave would resistbut it does happen. This is an important lesson for a Dominant andsubmissive to understand: Though the question of whether or not punishment is an effectiveway to deal with resistance to slave training, the answer of justhow to deal with slave training resistance is somewhat unclear.But what is clear is the idea that resistance to slave …

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After a Bad BDSM Scene, What Do You Do?

Just like a bad date, you might feel awkward and confused after a bad BDSM session. Maybe the slave couldn’t reach any of the goals set by the Master or Mistress, or the Master or Mistress just couldn’t get the slave to do anything they wanted them to do. Whatever happened, the session just didn’t go as planned. Both parties might be feeling bad at …

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Am I Kinky Enough?

Hi Master Bishop & Mistress Sophia, Your information has helped me to learn so much. Thank you. I enjoy some spanking and light bondage during sex. I’m just curious does that make me kinky? Sincerely, J.S. Calgary================================================================= Hi JS and thanks for your email. Everyone wants to label and define what they do in the bedroom. Are you kinky or are you vanilla? Are you …

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How to Learn the Most from Your Master/Mistress

As a slave, you already know you have an important job in your life – to serve your Master or your Mistress. And in this role, you have a number of duties. You might have a contract or a list of the things you are supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do them, etc. But if you’re newer to the position of being a …

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Switching Things Up

Hi Mistress Sophia and Master Bishop, I am new to being a Mistress and while I love Dominating a man,some day I just don’t feel like being Dominant. Sometimes I wantto give up control and be submissive. Is that ok? Thank you for all your information, it has been very helpful. Respectfully, Mistress Dee, Dallas ================================================================== Sometimes, you just want to put your feet up. …

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Budget Conscious Dungeon Building

Just because the economy is sinking doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream of having a dungeon in your house. BDSM shouldn’t have to suffer just because money might be tight, after all. And the good news is that there are many ways for you to either start or add to your personal BDSM lair when you’re under budget constraints. All you need …

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Collar And Leash Play

Watch The Sub Crawl Many BDSM relationships focus on the power exchange between theDominant partner and the submissive partner. And what better wayto showcase this power structure than with collar and leash play? One of the problems you might be having with this kind of play isthat it seems like something that has become cliche and silly.But the idea of one person possessing someone else …

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A Valentine’s Day Special

Since Valentine’s day is coming I felt like helping everybodyexperience more love in their lives. Love with more of a kinkytwist I mean. Is that not what W/we are all searching for in someway or another to feel loved and appreciated with some kinkadded in to make you feel alive? I have some good news: * W/we have just added 5 brand new videos to …

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Humiliation and Your Slave Training

Humiliation is a favored way to begin to create the idea of controlin a Master and slave relationship, but that doesn’t mean itdoesn’t have its own specific ways to work well – and to not workwell for a relationship. By learning the techniques of humiliationas well as when to use it, you can use this as an effective slavetraining tool. The trick with humiliation is …

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